Thursday, February 5, 2015

Trogs and 2016

Assuming the Dems do field Clinton, whom do the Trogs have to oppose her?  The list of realistic opponents keeps getting shorter and shorter.  Jeb Bush is just another Romney, but from Texas and Florida.  He's not and has never been middle class.  His program is rhetoric.  He thinks his words will garner votes from the 47% as he assures his peers of tax cuts.  The Dems will shred Jeb easier than they did that old vulture capitalist Willard.  Jeb is out for all practical purposes, he just doesn't know it yet.

Okay, then it must be Christe.  Well, it was before he opened his mouth and shoved both feet in.  He was flown to England by a rich donor.  We found out how much luxury the guy wallows in on a regular basis.  It's not pretty.  The trip was to establish his foreign policy creds.  There's not much difference between a trip to London and looking out the window and seeing Russia.  In a word, he's a Bozo from NJ instead of Alaska.

He might have salvaged his trip, but he shot his mouth off on vaccines in the face of the measles outbreak.  Yep, he pandered to the anti-vaccine crowd.  I assume he thought since he was in England, that no one in the USA was listening.  When his idiotic remarks were noticed he tried to say that what really meant was something else.  He's a boob on public health policy too.

Okay, back to foreign policy.  His trip was toatlly ruined by his own bloviation so he cancelled a couple of press conferences where he was going to show off his instant knowledge of all things European.  Damn, a reporter did manage to ask him a question.  Mr. Fat and Nasty snapped ugly at the guy.  All in all in one trip Chris Christie provided ample ammo to Dems, should the Trogs select Christie, to mock him all the way to a third term victory for the donkeys.  Besides, the normal Trogs of the party have probably walked away already.

Then we have the GOP long shot, Rand Paul.  Mr. Libertarian, as with Mr. Christie, opened his mouth and ended his chances.  These things are on tape and suitable for negative ads should Mr. Paul pull it off.  I doubt that he can.  He's proven he's too much of an odd fringe dweller for Repubs other than the extreme right.

For Rand Paul, a rude awakening to the rigors of a national campaign

Besides, if Mr. Paul cannot accept his own mistakes, admit them, and move on then he will do what every presidential loser has always done, blame the media and sink his own ship.  Mr. Paul, as with Mr. Christie seem to have more and more in common with each passing day with the GOP's most recent total fuck up, Sarah Palin. That comparison does not gain the nomination. Yep, the old lamestream media is what's wrong with everything.

Rand Paul has a victim complex

Do the Trogs have anyone who hasn't shot themselves in the foot?  Well, they do.  He's not Cruz, Rubio, Perry, Santorum or any of the other knuckle draggers that show up to sell books and make a few donated dollars.  No, the GOP has one shot, he's Scott Walker.  Everyone else will lose to Clinton and just about any other Dem that might be nominated.  Mr. Walker has a chance, absent foot in mouth disease to beat Ms. Clnton.


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