Sunday, February 8, 2015

Uh, it's really all about the money, business profits that is.

What is?  Rap, that's what.  It has been so for a very long time (about two weeks after a rap song sold well on the general market).  Rap, and its derivatives,  is a musical genre that kids take to, it pisses off their parents. If kids have money and will buy music, then expect a genre to become dominated by very corporate culture and expect the Grammy Awards to extol corporate taste.

I do not listen to rap, hip-hop or much of current popular music.  It's an age thing.  My preference in vocals go towards Katherine Jenkins and Vera Lynn.  However, I do follow enough news to be surprised that Iggy Azalea is the expected big Rap Grammy winner this year.  Odd, but sometimes I forget to smell for green, it usually explains about 95% of what passes for life in the USA these days.

White echoes: Rap, race and Iggy Azalea

Oh the Grammy "Awards" are tonight--Grammy Awards 2015

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