Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Vaccines and Trogs

I expect the knuckle-dragging crowd to see vaccines as an individual liberty matter rather than about public health.  If we followed the logic of Rand Paul, Chris Christe and most of the GOP panderers, then imagine back when small pox was still killing people, that if we followed their logic, we'd have never been able to eradicate the disease.  We eradicated small pox (and dead kids) by vaccinating everybody, period.  No one complained about infringement of parental rights.

Ditto when the Salk vaccine for polio came out.  Parents and their kids welcomed the vaccine.  I remember the polio fear that emerged every Summer.  Have you ever seen an iron lung?  Vaccines work, they do not cause autism or mental retardation.

Science, which is our best and most reliable knowledge, shows that vaccines work and are a necessary part of a sound public health policy.  Perhaps the anti-vaxxers would prefer that we all go it alone in other public health areas, say clean water and sanitary sewage disposal.  Stupid is stupid, anti-vaxxers and the pols who pander to them have shown us they are stupid, hence not qualified for the presidency.

I could have done without all those childhood diseases.  They did not make be better.  They made me sick and occasionally very sick.  I lived.  I wish I had been able to have the vaccines developed later than when I was a child.

Vaccination debate flares in GOP presidential race, alarming medical experts

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