Wednesday, February 11, 2015

War News -- Domestic Participation Front

We thought we were going to bag it and come home from greater and lesser Rubbleistan.  Well, make that a string kinda and a firm sorta, bag it.  Yep, we've gonna make us another Korea.  Can we even have a truce in a Global War On Terror Overseas Contingency Operation Afghanistan (whatever it's called)? We're never going to leave.

White House weighs adjusting Afghan exit plan to slow withdrawal of troops

At least we left Iraq, right?  Well, bless my IS, ISIL, ISIS or whatever it goes by today, make that a yes and no response.  Yes we left, but since we're back, no.  Yep, ISIS may be the way we spell IRAQ for a long time.  Here's another place we're never going to leave.

Obama makes formal request for war authorization against Islamic State

Funny if we hang around long enough local folks quit being bitchy, settle down, make some money and in the process become dependent on local U.S. military expenditures as part of their GDP.   Does anyone really think we're ever going to be gone, gone from anywhere around the globe?  Why not just convert the military bases into places where we buy stuff?  We don't have to do anything with the stuff.  We could burn it all in place and save on transportation.  I bet we'd wind up spending less on Defense.


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