Monday, February 16, 2015

Well Bless Uncle Joe

Do you remember Joe Biden's suggestion about Iraq?  He thought it should be divided up into three major chunks.  He saw a Kurdish north, a Sunni west and the rest in Shiite hands.  The Shrub and Joe's boss never quite agreed and decided to make one liberty loving nation out of rat pack of sectarian haters.  How'd the Shrub's master plan work out?  Well, if one's read anything about ISIL, the Iraqi Army and Kurdish Peshmerga, then one knows it's another U.S. SNAFU.  It all kind of makes one wonder what we bought with all that training and infrastructure development money doesn't it?

Where is Iraq headed?  Well, the Kurds are re-taking the north from the Sunni dominated ISIL.  The Iraqi Army has fled the scene and it being replaced by Shiite militias.  The western Sunnis are lined up with ISIL to keep from being killed by the militias.  Oh, the U.S. is sort of training the Iraqi Army, again.  I guess Joe was right, the three states of Iraq, except he did not mean for the Shiite part to become part of a greater Iran.   Now why did we invade Iraq?

Pro-Iran militias’ success against Islamic State could undermine U.S.

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