Thursday, April 2, 2015

Leading the way to bigotry

Who uses piety to mask plain old bigotry, hate and discrimination?   Oh, that's easy to answer.  They are the faithful who know homosexuality is a sin (someone in the front of the room told them so).  Who are they?  Well, for the most part they are the same folks who never got over having to treat blacks as their equals in the 60s.  Lacking blacks as licit targets, they now hide their self loathing under modern sheets of liberty as they target and attack what may be their last prey available.  Yep, the 65 year old and up, white Republican men keep the flames of hate alive in their evangelical despair.

Oh, Indiana is just re-living the good old days when the Klan ran the state.  Then they hated Catholics, immigrants, and blacks.  Now all they have left to openly hate are gays.  You know that is progress.

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