Monday, July 27, 2015

Begin again, again.

I quit posting much at all over the past months.  I decided to begin anew.  That didn't last long at all.  However, I didn't dump the blog.  So I guess I have to start again, again.  Or is it again, again, again (I've lost count).

One of the current news items no one can resist is Donald Trump.  As Rudy Giuliani was called America's Mayor when he tried to the nation's top political whore, we now have the Donald.  He's America's Blowhard, but he's not a political whore unless he pays himself to jerk himself off.  His apparent popularity among GOP types us not surprising.

The Trumpettes are mostly working class whites.  They have High School degrees and long ago fulfilled Everyman's Peter Principle as they ascended to their level of incompetence.  Most of them achieved that level of success within a few months to years of graduation.   In America's marketplace, they are our "losers."  Sadly they know it too.

Their self knowledge drives them to adore Donald Trump.  Trump is successful (money is the only measure).  Trump decries all who oppose him.  Trumps's language is the language his fans want to use again their superiors but cannot and retain their modest level of employment.  With Trump they can fantasize.  They build a Mittyesque world wherein they defame, decry and depose all of the evil others they know forced them to become American Losers.  As they cheer Trump, they express their desire to eviscerate everyone else.

For a Trumpster, Donald tells it like it is.  He speaks as a regular Joe wants to speak, but cannot.  As I watch and listen to Trump supporters, I feel a fleeting political sadness for them but then remember they can vote.

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