Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Cecil the Lion, Killed by an American Dentist

Have you followed this story?  A dentist who likes to kill animals paid $50,000 to kill, skin and bring back the head of a protected lion.  Given the "hunter's" past, I assume he purchased a poaching opportunity, period. Would you let this killer put his hands in our mouth?

I hope the guys practice and life are destroyed, but through shame and disgrace. I don't wish him to be treated as he treated Cecil.  Bluntly, he's demented, but in a nation of gun zealots obsessed with guns and death he'll probably be touted as quite normal in order for the NRA to shill guns and ammo in the name of the 2nd Amendment.  Guns and loons do seem to go together.

I'll let the reporting speak for Cecil--

Cecil the celebrity lion felled by hunters in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe: American being sought for lion poaching

The travesty of Cecil the lion

The death of Cecil the lion and the big business of big game trophy hunting

Trophy hunters are just more human scum no different from those have elephants and rhinos killed to for their bizarre self satisfactions.  Perhaps the earth really needs the 6th extinction, now.  

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