Monday, July 27, 2015


Donald Trump gets all the TV attention.  None of the other Republican's receive any free face time on  cable.  That's gotta hurt.  Of course Trump is the only one not beholden to anyone but his own bank account.  Trump mouths off and insults as he wishes and he gets covered.  The rest want to talk like Trump but are both donor and base hamstrung.

Hence, the rest need to make very outrageous statements about safe external events or people.  For example, today, Bobby Jindal swore he'd have the Westboro Baptist loons arrested if they protested the funerals of the two women killed in a movie theater in La.  Other than the Westboro congregants no one would mind if they were permanently sent to a secret CIA re-education site.   Bobby trashed them and he got at least ten seconds of free face time out of couple one hour news blocks.  Huckabee's another of the day's face time hucksters.

No one's been paying any attention to this Bible thumper crackpot .  He's sad.  If he falls in the polls he may lose a spot at the free face time extravaganza, a.k.a., the Aug. 6th debate on FOX.  To pump his noticeables a bit, he slammed Obama.

Trashing Obama does not, per se, get one a spot in the news cycle.  It's no biggie and not very creative.  However, throw in a new wrinkle to the old standby "he's a Kenyan socialist Naz " insult then a producer will say "roll it."  Mike did not let his fans down. (As to his fans, I don't know what to call non-Christian Christians, do you?)

Per Mike, Obama's Iran nuke deal will lead the Israelis (and Jews in general) straight to the oven door.  Mike is sure the Iran deal will end Israel's days.  Hmm, war and end of Israel?  I have to wonder if Mike is actually for the deal?

Based upon bits and pieces I've encountered about Christians and Israel and the Bible, I have to wonder that if Iran gets the bomb and bombs Israel, then would that be the opening act of the end of days, the rapture, tribulation, the second coming and interestingly enough the elimination of the Jews when all the sacred dust settles.  The Evangefundies are an odd lot.   Think not, then try reading a bit on any of the the above subjects in Wiki.

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