Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Iran Deal

I am in the camp that says any deal is better than no deal with respect to Iran and nukes.  Any agreement that tempers, even for a few years, the development of nuclear weapons in Iran or anywhere is a plus.  Then again, I'm also one of those who have not been all that worried about Iran getting the bomb in the first place.

That Iran came to the table, stayed there and signed an agreement is quite incredible.  Iran may be changing in ways that will improve relations with the West and the U.S.  Iran will never become an ally but will back off sponsoring variations on the "death to America" chants as they back off supporting assorted groups we call terrorists but they call whatever they call freedom fighters.

If you don't know much about Iran and want a very good and reasonably short history of Iran from the time of Cyrus the Great to today, then give

"Understanding Iran: Everything You Need to Know, From Persia to the Islamic Republic, From Cyrus to Ahmadinejad"  by William R. Polk a read.

If you don't understand Iranian "hate" and distrust of the West and the United States government today, you will after you read Mr. Polk's book.  Let's just say that forced regime change is not a great way to win friends.  The Middle Eastern Islamic world is really not the same as Western Christian world.  There's more than a book involved.  If you enjoy the read and go on to other books about Iran, Iraq, and the Middle East.

Hmm, if MI-6 and the CIA had not toppled Mohammad Mosaddegh's elected Iranian government in 1951 but had supported his nationalization of Iran's oil instead, then we might not have gotten in bed with Saddam Hussein in the 1980's and avoided the assorted misadventures of the Bushes.  The Middle East would be a better place if we actually practiced what we preach.    Give the book a read.

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