Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Musings based on recent shootings

Technically I own two guns, so I am counted in the half of households who own guns.  I have a 16 ga. shotgun in a closet.  It hasn't been fired in 30 plus years and I have no shells for it.  I have a .23 cal.  "purse" pistol Mrs. Jake used to carry when she flew from  Tennessee to Virginia back when no one cared about guns much less smoking on planes.  It hasn't been fired, if ever, in over 40 years and ditto on shells, no ammo.

I'm not a hunter.  That activity never made much sense to me, especially when there are so many fine grocery stores everywhere.  Similarly fishing never made much sense to me, but I'm not a fish eater anyway.  I really don't own long guns.  When I was in the Army, I never wanted to be sniper, so in theory, I never found a long gun to be much of defensive weapon against random bad guys one might encounter on the street.

Pistols, on the other hand,  have one purpose. They are designed to kill one type of beast, human beings.  Oh, one might use a pistol in that odd woodland situation when one is being attacked by a rogue yam or jihadi jicama.  No, handguns are designed and meant to used on people.  I don't pack one and won't since I do feel safe and for that matter always have.  People with guns kill people.

I do have a bit of distress with those who pack to "protect" themselves.  They are dangerous to themselves, their families and others in that order.  The best way to get shot is to live in a household with pistols.  It's amazing how many folks leave pistols unsecured and loaded.  I think some of the worst shootings involve toddlers.  They find a gun and they play with them.  The results are quite deadly.  Google "child shooting" sometime.  It's sad.  For that matter Google "mass shootings,"  2015 has been a record year--204 in 204 days.

When I heard Rick Perry tell us to appropriately pack and get rid of gun free zones, I shuddered.  I'm not sure if the Bespectacled Oops-man has any idea of the amount of continual training a packer should  have to be able to protect oneself and not harm oneself, much less others.  Can you imagine how a packer would feel if in the act of protecting themselves from an urban bad guy they also killed a nearby toddler or better yet the child's mother?  Do packers think about death in terms of wastage or collateral damage?  I am waiting for the day when a theater of packers all defend themselves against a bad guy.  It will be the equivalent of an atrocious circular firing squad.  the scorecards will be sick in number of kills.   Yep, dead bad guy--1, others killed by bad guy- 6, packers killed by packers--8, innocents killed by packers--10, and if were a school instead, then we'd see something like this, number of kids killed by those trying to protect the children from the bad guy--22.

The only group which regularly receives training on how to use pistols in the face of bad guys are the police and they don't always do that credible a job, especially when the packer is white and the bad guy is not, but that's another story.

I guess the theory of protection trumps how people behave.  Have you ever had a pistol pulled on you?   It's more than distressing, it's beyond scary.

So suburban packers take a read and sign up for lots and lots of continuing education.  Remember Army types are trained to pull the trigger.  Cops get the same training citizens need, how to not pull the trigger except when you must.

Watch what happens when regular people try to use handguns in self-defense

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