Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Donald and Rape

Donald Trump, America's Blowhard, may see his campaign for the GOP nomination dissemble very soon.  Why do I say that?  Well, every party has a third rail.  Touch it and, to be blunt, you're fucked.  The Dems never touch Social Security or Medicare, but everything else is usable in a campaign.  Donald, via  his lawyer, has had his hand placed on the the GOP's third rail--rape.

As a bee is drawn to nectar, Repubs are drawn to talking about rape (and women's sexuality).  Now The Donald has to explain why his lawyer is not an idiot and a loser over the same attorney's statements about rape and Donald's post scalp reduction surgery "rape" of Ivana that culminated in their divorce.

If Trump hired this guy to be his lawyer and spokesman then that action reflects Trump's judgement and acumen.  Hold it, didn't Trump tell us that that losers are attracted to losers?  Even if he didn't, it's plain for all to see,  The Donald is just another loser running for President.  

Here's the coverage on this story from CNN:

Trump adviser Michael Cohen: 'You cannot rape your spouse'

Are revealed sex acts and sexual talk more dangerous for Trogs or Jackasses?  Which side has had more pols fall over sexual jibber-jabber in the media (real or imagined)? Is gender becoming a new third rail of politics?

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