Friday, July 31, 2015

Wait until they have to be used against an enemy that has fighters...

The F35s will probably not stand up to an adversary in the air.  The plane is an example of what's wrong with the way elected and appointed officials run the government.  The F-35 is white collar welfare.  It should have been scrapped long ago, but there are too many jobs involved in almost every state.  How many general officer types have made money on the F-35 after they "retire" as they are hired by firms involved in making the plane?  What proportion of the Department of Defense budget is really white collar welfare?  I'd guess about 60-70%.  At least Medicare and Social Security collect money that is spent on recipients.  Hmm, maybe defense contractors should not be allowed to make a profit, after all they are patriots aren't they?

The Marines say the controversial F-35 fighter is now ready for combat. Now what?

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