Saturday, August 1, 2015

And the guy was on track for GOP nominee

Bob McDonnell has to go "ouch" a lot.  He had the looks (most important in the TV/Video era).  He could speak reasonably well.  He was the image of a southern gentleman, kinda sorta.  He outclassed that Macaca guy Allen.

Both had Confederacy/Civil War problems, but hey, they're both Trogs so that aspect did not matter.  Allen flamed out on racism (and stupidity).   McDonnell was on track for bigger things until he and his wife accepted a gift here and a gift there from the same sleazeball.  He flamed out on stupid too.  He was tried and convicted of abusing his office.  He was not a Duke Cunningham, but the feds saw a bit too much going on between the quid and quo.  How hard is it for pols and their spouses to understand a simple idea--don't accept personal gifts of any kind.   Then again, we rarely see the best and brightest run for offices.   Come on do you really think that much of any of the candidates for Prez in either party?

Now, the Va. AG thinks Bob McI'mAFelon lose his retirement too.  After all the felony was job related.  Should he do the time and also lose his Va. dime or just do the time?

Va.’s top lawyer: Robert McDonnell should lose his state pension

Myself, I'd end his Virginia pension.  I hope the feds pursue more pols.  About the only thing that affects, forces a pol to behave decently (while in or running for office), is a threat to his money--personal and campaign.  Oh, I also hope he has permanently lost his law license too.

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