Sunday, August 30, 2015

Asshole Front: The Gov. of New Jersey

Years ago a Rep. in the Utah Legislature, I think it was Jack Bangeter, suggested that Utahns deal with the AIDS epidemic by dyeing everyone who had HIV/AIDS birth red and then send them to permanently live on Antelope Island (it's in the middle of the Great Salt Lake).  Then if you saw someone who had bright red skin, you could call the cops and have them sent them back to the Island.  Okay, who gets the Jack Bangeter award for moronic solutions to scoio-politcal problems this week?

Yep it's the fat man from Jersey, Chris Christie.  I wonder what kind of tracking chip he'll put in all those immigrants anyway?  I assume he'd chip every immigrant of any kind from anywhere in the world.  Yep, he gets the award and deserves the accolade of Asshole.  I bet he said this to get noticed despite rampant Trump coverage.

In New Hampshire, Christie Says He Would Track Immigrants Like FedEx Packages

I wonder what the cost would be?  How large of a tracking force would we have to hire?   What Department would get the new Immigrant Tracking Office?  Today immigrants, tomorrow everybody?

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