Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Blowhard Front: Trump

Americans, at least those who are self declared Trogs, must really love blowhards who "tell it like it is" at every given moment.  Trump is rising, 26%, amongst Repubs.   A few months back, 2/3s would never vote for the clown, now only a third would reject him.  He receives support from men and women about equally.  As odd as it sounds, don't count The Donald out.  He may become the nominee of the GOP.  That does tell us something about that crowd now doesn't it.

The Daily 202: Trump leads in polls because GOP primary voters don’t value electability

If this year or so is a electorate watershed, we could see a most odd election.  Imagine, The Donald bolts and runs as an Independent Republican.  Then Rand Paul goes WTF and runs as a Libertarian Republican,  and Jeb Bush accepts the mantle of the GOP.  Then on the Dems side, Clinton won't concede to Sanders.  Sanders runs as the Democratic nominee as Clinton revives the Democratic Republican standard as she runs for office.  Webb runs as a Whig and O'Malley well he becomes Joe Biden's Veep in the American Party.   Parties fragment and guess who picks up the pieces?  How do you spell Coke?  Uh, K-O-C-H.  Or, seeing the confusion and disarray that then threatens our nation, America's first Muslim, seizes power giving Obama his third term and declares martial law in Texas.  Damn, it's easy to get carried away.

At any rate, I'd expect oddness or a drab Clinton v. Bush.  Which do you prefer?

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