Thursday, August 6, 2015


Okay, the losers debate.  It's the one at 5:00 pm.  Not one of them will make it all the way.  None will be the Trog nominee.   So why are they running for Prez?  Well, answer three questions and you will know why?  Who will get a cabinet slot if the Trog wins in 2016?  Who will get book deals?  Who will get show on FOX?  Oh, one other question, what about the cash from any losers super Pacs?

Now the Trumpaganz at 9:00 pm.  Who will make it all the way?  I'd like to say none of them, but I cannot.  One of the ten knuckle draggers will become the GOP nominee.   Who wins tonight may determine the final outcome.  If trump wins, and I mean wins on style and substance, then he will become the GOP's nominee. If Trump loses who knows.

Tune in, get your  Bourbon and shot glass, pick a word and enjoy the clown show.

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