Friday, August 7, 2015

Last Nights Two Part Trogoff

I watched Part I, the Happy Hour "Debate."  It's not a debate but we don't seem to have found the appropriate descriptor yet.  It was mostly a yawn.  However, I can praise Mr. Pataki, Mr. Gilmore, Mr. Jindal, and Mr. Santorum ( he'll always be frothy) for showing TRogs and the rest of us that they are not viable candidates at all.  If any of these five persist, it's solely due to lunatics with money who enjoy playing political jokes on the nation.   They were abysmal if not worse.

The highlight of the 5 o'clock BSathon was Ms. Florina.  She demonstrated that she has what it takes to drag-knuckles, drool copiously and compete with the guys who showed up at 9 pm.  I hope she does better in the polls and makes the cut for the next installment of  the GOP Spleenfest in September.    Oh, Mr. Rick, the Oops, Perry should advance too.  He didn't screw up.  His glasses do make him look smarter than four years ago.  Five should crash and burn.  Two should advance.

I started to watch Part II, the 9pm festival of Gloom Over People.  It began with Trump being a Trumpaffoon.   I watched until a severe storm came in.  Then I lost the debate.  Satellite does not do well in dense cloud cover.  When the storm passed, the debate had as well. I then set the DVR to record a re-run.  It did.  I watched the debate this morning.  The conservative clowns did not let me down.  They performed as expected.   I do not understand how they all say what they say, but they do.  Their BS appeals to someone.  I wonder what their statements say, in turn, about the traits and characteristics of the GOP voters who will select the nominee in primaries, caucuses and conventions.   I need some Pepto.

Back to the 5pm thing.  If two advance, it would make twelve on stage at one time.  That's way too many Trogs in a row or any configuration other than a circular firing squad for anyone to manage much less digest.  Hmm, who should we thank off the next stage due to last night's blather Part II?

Obviously, they will all, regardless of any merit or lack thereof and given a personal billionaire here and there, hang around forever.  Who showed us they really ought not be seen or heard from again?  First, Mr. Paul needs to leave the GOP.  Either become a Libertarian or drop out.  Mr. Cruz, is just nucking futs and evil too boot.  He can go back to the land of his birth, Canada.  No one would miss him at all.  Then there's the Jesus jockey, Huckabee.  He may be okay in the pulpit or on FOX, but he's never going to any further, so he needs to, with an unborn baby in each hand,  exit the race now.

Mr. Carsen ought to go back to what he knows, neurosurgery.  He showed us that he has few other skills.  His absence would be unnoticed.  Ditto for Mr. Walker and Mr. Christie who showed us they had an idea about themselves whose time has come and gone.  I think voters in Wisconsin and New Jersey want them to run that way they'll leave their respective state's governance alone and hopefully never return home again.

That leaves us with the three "winners."  Put them in any order you'd like, but Rubio, Kasich, and Bush were okay.  Then again, the others were so bad, these guys had to look good.  Of course Trump will go on, he's self financed.  He will to get free press until the media quit allowing themselves to be used.  If the media do wise up, then I doubt of Mr. Trump will spend a several hundred million of his own money on himself and he will join the other losers.

Ideally the September Trogoff should be Rubio, Bush, Kasich, Fiorina, and Perry with a dash of Trumpwings

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