Sunday, August 30, 2015

Odd week

Trump continues to gain ground in the polls, as does Ben Carson.  Who are the losers?  Well, it's the professional pols.  Why would people opt for a professional consistent liar when they can pick a novice who might, on occasion, between lies tell the truth.  How about a Trump (even if he's a RINO) /Carson GOP ticket in 2016?  Creepy, but possible.

On the Dem side, Sanders goes up as Clinton goes down.  Sanders in three months is within 7 points of Clinton in Iowa.  Clinton continues to do her best to be seen as dishonest and untrustworthy by increasing numbers of potential voters.  E-mail and trying to secure super delegates do not help her candidacy at all.  Sanders just continues with his progressive domestic focus and it resonates with Dems in manner akin to Trump's appeal to Trogs.  Do we want people who actually answer the  question asked of them?  Maybe, maybe.

Oh, Biden is being chatted up, again.  I doubt he'll run as a serious candidate.  He may run, but only  to be a foil for Clinton.  She could use him to distract folks from her own deficits.

On the Dem side, how about Sanders/Warren (even if she was a Trog not too long ago)  for the Dems in 2016.

It's early and let us remember 60% Fred Thompson was the front runner not too far back.  

Oh, here's a fantasy.  Imagine, given Trump and Sanders, that all the rest of the candidates decided to be a tad more direct and honest.  Imagine if they quit thinking about polls and sugar daddies would they gain ground against Trump and Clinton?  It might become a lot more interesting.  

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