Sunday, August 2, 2015

Polls and Politics

What are folks looking for in a candidate? Does honesty and trustworthiness top your list? 63% of us don't think so.

Do you have to have someone who cares about your needs and problems? Gee, 64% don't think so.

Do you need someone with strong leadership qualities? Shit, 74% of us don't.

Look, all I did was report the balance of numbers otherwise typically broadcast about voters and candidates. (source is Quinnipiac University Poll--July 30, 2015.)

Golly,  this is over-reported on TV.  Both Trump and Clinton have honesty and caring problems. Uh, duh. If you ask all possible voters, then both Trump and Clinton have bad numbers but these traits only matter to a minority.  And that minority is probably comprised of those in the half that does not vote in general elections and/or from the three-quarters of possible voters who never vote in primaries.   Why does molehill and mountain come to mind?

58% of voters doubt Mr. Trump's veracity and for 57% it's ditto on Ms. Clinton.  I remind everyone, most of us don't vote so I'm not sure what the polls tell us at this point.

We should also note that amongst party voters, both do well on the honesty thing. 76% of Democrats think Hillary is a truth teller and 57% of Trogs feel the same about The Donald. Trump does have more Trogs who doubt his honesty, 32%, that does Clinton, where 19% of Dems doubt her truthiness. How can a person who has honesty and trust problems get elected? Easy, the traits aren't all that important since a Democrat wants a Jackass in office and a Republican wants a Trog.

Have we forgotten about voting patterns?  About 40% of us are Dems and votes for Dems.  40% of are knuckle-draggers and vote for Trogs.  That leaves 20% who are afraid to declare their affiliation but vote just at though they were card carrying party members.  40% of the independents consistently
vote for a Dem or a Repub.  The balance can't make up their minds and flip a coin on election day if they can decide whether or not to vote at all.  Elections are about one thing, first turnout of your voters and second, adding new voters, if you can.  

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