Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sunday Bobblehead Shows

Gee, the only thing they all talked about was The Donald.  Donald before the "debate".  Donald during the debate.  Donald after the debate.  Donald the GOP.  The GOP and The Donald.  Will he last or have we reached peak Donald.  No one interrupts The Donald much less cuts his mic. when he gives one more bio blab.    Oh, the pundits talked about the other candidates, but in the context of The Donald.  The Donald is less a creation of everyday politics and more that of FOX news and other TV network's quest for ratings in the newstainment business.

I watched the debate and listened to the BS today.  Other than Bernie Sanders, I'm hard pressed to name one decent candidate for Prez.  The rest, GOP and Dem smell of donor and special interests.  That's the smell of bullshit and as Mr. Stewart admonished us, I have spoken.


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