Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Who loves the Trump?

Men and women, about equaly.
H.S. or less education.
Household income under $50,000
Bothered by today's and tomorrow's demographics--whites down, non-whites up.
Bothered that the Prez of the USA is black and worse elected twice.
Feel increasingly left out of today's business/economic order.
Think our social diversity, as well reflected in popular culture, sucks.
Yep, life today blows chunks.

Add them up and you have folks who buy Trump and his America is not great mantra.  I'm still trying to find out the last time America was really great.  Hell, Trump for all his stream of Bullshitness, stumbled when asked.  He didn't have a pat answer ready to spiel.  He did a mini-homina, homina and said it was when Reagan was Prez. but it was just the feeling back then, not the actual times or events that really did suck when Bonzo and his wife's astrologer ruled the nation.  Trump is pure Bullshit!  Who buys his crap?  Well you now know their traits.  Are there enough of them to make him the nominee?

Nah, most of them probably don't vote in primaries, but this is an odd year so maybe, maybe.  

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