Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Who will be at the Kiddie's table? Who will be at the adult table?

Todays' the day deadline for polls Roger Ailes will use to put candidates in their places. I'm not really sure which is the adult table.  The top 10 will air at 9pm eastern.  The rest will be on at 5pm.  Given that Trump will be in the 10, I think we have to call the main debate the Kiddie one.

Given that there will be two rounds of total bullshit, it gives us all two opportunities to get totally blotto.  After all, the GOP debates are aired so viewers have an excuse to over indulge on salted snacks and booze.

Pick a word for the 5pm follies.   Then pick another one for the Trumpest in a teapot at 9.  Every time one of the clowns says your magic word, you get to throw back a shot. If you pass out before 9, make sure you've set the DVR and have fun tomorrow.

Who will win the 5pm chatoff?  I opt for Blanch (that's Lindsey Graham).  If he doesn't win he'll have a case of the vapors and pass out.  At 10, I'll go with The Donald.  Enjoy!

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