Sunday, September 6, 2015

A minor corrective to the the season

What season?  Oh, the College Football season.  Before one goes totally rah, rah, I suggest a read-

"Billion-Dollar Ball: A Journey Through the Big-Money Culture of College Football" by Gilbert M. Gaul.

If we must have college ball, then let's divorce it from the schools.  Lease the team name, stadium and other resources to pro teams.  Colleges becomes an actual farm system for the pros.  Schools will make money on the leases, take a percentage of the gate, and any bowl revenue.  The NCAA will disappear as players become employees of the the NFL.  Colleges will have no expenses related to running or maintaining a football team.  All revenue will go to the school's general fund.  Football will be totally professional.  If no one wants to lease their team, then the school is out of the football business.  You get the gist, there are a lot of details to be worked out.  End the BS about scholar athletes, now.

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