Sunday, September 13, 2015

A New Day In American Politics?

As I watch Sanders and Trump take the limelight in their respective parties, I've wondered about who backs them?  Not donors since neither has been bought and sold in the way all the others have been.  No, who is that says "I feel the Bern" or "Yeah, Make America Great Again?"  Who are they?

Are they mostly the voters we'd expect to otherwise be jumping for Jeb or have the hots for Hillary?  No, Jeb and Hillary still have their folks.  I have a feeling the backers of Trump and Sanders share a similar attribute, they are not regular voters.  They are occasional voters and new voters in both parties and independents.   They are people who have heard a pol do something rare, speak more the truth than not.  It sounded good.  They like it.  They back it, regardless that Trump is a first grade blowhard bully and Sanders is a, shudder, socialist.  These voters may be on a course to determine who gets nominated and who is elected in 2016.

If we're seeing a new segment of voters begin to surface and coalesce, the the question is will they all vote in primaries?  If they do, then each party's establishment better get their hustle on to keep their status quo.

They will have to co-opt Trump's voters and ditto for Sanders.  The establishment will, to regain control, have to "help" them in the same way the Tea Party folks were taken over by super right wingers in the GOP.  Where is the Teabag brigade these days anyway?  The question is can these people be co-opted?  Hmm, if all you want is government that works, then will you give up control to folks who really don't give a rat's about good governance.   I think the Trump/Sanders folks look at the rest of the candidates and ask, "Does anyone really think Jeb or Hillary care about governing?"
Who are the new voters?  Are they real?  We'll have to watch the polls ever more closely as we inch our way towards Iowa.  I expect the party machines to have wrenches thrown in their gear works.  

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