Sunday, September 6, 2015

Avatar Donald

An avatar is an embodiment or personification, as of a principle, an abstract concept, attitude, or view of life.  It is an archetype.  Okay, now what about Donald Trump?  Is he, for his seemingly increasing number of GOP supporters their avatar of conservative republicanism Americanism?   If he is, then traditional "rules" about running for the presidency will never apply to him.   His supporters just want  Donald the Avatar and really don't give a shit about his past positions, his current inconsistencies, his limited knowledge, or his deviations from bedrock GOP fiscal policy, foreign policy or social values.  Trump, may be the one whom his supporters think/believe can and will break up a dysfunctional politics/government and rebuild it into something that works for them and in the process make America great again.  If I'm right and his supporters do not waver,  then Trump will win the GOP nomination.  Then as his fans delivered him, they will cast their eyes on Congress.  We'd best also watch for congressional change in  2016.  

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