Saturday, September 12, 2015

Bye Bye Smart Rick

Smart Rick (Perry with glasses) has now gone the way of the dodo Rick (Perry sans glasses).  He's no longer running for the lease on Air Farce One.  As he goes, most bobbleheads on TV news and in print remember his Oops moment last cycle.  For the most part they say Perry's 2012 campaign ended when he had a brain freeze, forgot one of the federal departments he wanted to deep-six and said, "oops."

That sounds good, but I and a few others think his campaign was doomed when he had a nice word to say about dreamers.  He said folks, who want to deny in-state tuition to children who had spent most, if not all their lives, in the Texas, but were children of non-document immigrants,  were heartless.  They had no heart.  Well, his assessment was spot on.  They have no heart and therefore they rejected him.  That was his real oops.

This time around, Rick was doomed by Trogs with memories and a change in the GOP electorate.  Voters now desire reject government experience.  That experience is seen as how and why we've gotten to wherever we are.  Uh, I guess that's why they want to make America great agin.  I do not understand Trog.  In 2015, GOP voters prefer their loons to appear unscripted truth babblers as they trash talk their way to the convention.

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