Thursday, September 17, 2015

Can one OD on Trog debates?

Damn, from six to eleven, it was a Trogathon or was it a Trogpocalypse.  Did you take in the kiddie's table?  This time there were only four slots.  Pataki, Santorum, Jindal and Graham came in and  stood there.  Gilmore was told to stay home--no one knows who he is.

In another era Pataki, would be a strong candidate.  In our time, he's not quite the drooling acid, belching hate, vilifying everyone who is not just like himself knuckle dragging model Republican.  His answers were reasonable, for a Trog.  That means they are unacceptable to today's GOP primary voter.  Pataki should do the decent thing, drop out and encourage Gilmore to do the same.

Santorum is still that frothy (that particular mix per Dan Savage).  He used to be a winner, but now, well, he's just a one issue has been.  He can rail on and on about abortion, but that's about the only  issue he can best the others on.  His days are passed, he should leave the field.

Then there's Bobby Jindal.  I heard he's been hiding in a secret location somewhere in the Gobi desert.  I don't know how he showed up.  As he spoke he proved to us that he is certifiably, 100%, batshit crazy--that makes him qualified for any Republican office.  For weeks and weeks, no one has noticed the putz.  His extreme statements did garner him some notice.  However, he thinks he was saying--"look at me, look at me"--but what we all heard was "I'm an idiot, I'm an idiot."  Jindal needs to go live in a Louisiana swamp for the rest of his life.

Then came Blanche.  Lindsey Graham wants us to know he'd be his own Ulysses S. Grant.  Yep, he'd drink a lot as he commanderates his chiiefiness on the way to eradicating ISIL.  ISIS is his issue.  He wants to be the top general.  The presidency involves a lot more that running war games, To bad Sen. Graham, does not have the skill for the other Oval Office tasks much less waging war.  35 trips to Iraq does not make one a commanderator.  Blanche gives me the vapors.  I won't take him to the next cotillion.

After the kid's went home to bed, the "adults" showed up at the yakfest.  Eleven loons entered and eleven loons left.  Was there a winner?  Most folks seem to think Carly Florin won the yakoff.  She landed a knife or tow in the Trumps rump.  She was prepared with facts and policies.

I don't think Trump did himself any harm.  His fans don't give a shit about facts, data, truth, logic, science or other such epistemological niceities.  They like him, the blowhard breaks even.  Ditto with Ben Carson.  Fiorina will take points from the rest of the field, but not Trump and Carson if it really is an anti-establisment year.  Watch the next set of polls to find out.

The anti-Christ, Ted Cruz, per other pundits did an okay job.  I think he's just flat evil so anything he says is wrong, sinful, immoral and not worth a bucket of spit.

Rubio held his own.  He came in in second place.  He must have memorized "Foreign Policy for Dummies."  He does need to stay away from humor--no more water jokes please, you cannot pull them off.

Jeb! didn't tank.  It was close.  Jeb! was adrift for 2/3s of the yakfest, but showed he was still among the living in the last hour.  It's kind of sad that it took a dis on his brother Dubya to save his otherwise sorry ass.

Then there were Rand Paul and the Huckster.  Both need to do the decent thing and quit, now.  There's no place in the GOP for a Libertarian of any kind.  Huckabee is really just expanding his brand--a FOX gig and super Jesus excursions to the holy land are in store.  Both need to be nice and leave the race.

The rest, Kasich, Walker, Christie may have come alive for a moment, but to the GOP voter and donor, who really gives a shit about them?  They have enough cash to hang around and find out if it's not an establishment candidate year.  If they bagged their buses now, who would notice?

Let's see, no one from the kiddie table should advance.  Per the Donald, they are losers.  From the main "debate" it would not hurt the GOP to have Paul and Huckabee say adios.  Since Cruz is vile, I'd like to see him exit the stage, but he's got a following (make you wonder about people who are Repubs, doesn't it).   If Walker and Christie left they would not be missed.

The field that ought to go on to the third group yakoff are Trump, Florina, Carson, Jeb!, Rubio, Cruz,  and Kasich.  I wonder what Trogs think of my suggestions.  Oh, they think I blow chunks, right?

Yes you can OD on debates.

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