Monday, September 14, 2015

Do You Feel The Bern?

If not, then find a video of his appearance at Liberty U.  Yeah, Falwell's place.  I caught part of it.  Bernie was being applauded not booed.  And the topic was abortion.  My, my, my.  Funny when you speak truthfully, people are reasonable, they listen, disagree, but then thank you for informing them.  The students may not vote for Bernie, but they may start to ponder how their parents have economically screwed so many, many people in this land.

I cannot see any other Dem (well, he's a democratic socialist) first, showing up at Liberty U, and second being as well received.  Can you see Ms. Clinton being well received in Falwell's school?  I can't,

Here's a sample from his appearance: Sanders: U.S. was created on many 'racist principles' On race, Bernie is spot on. Want to learn more? here's one start, "Slavery and the Founders" by Paul Finkleman.

Feel the Bern?  If so then send him  a few bucks!

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