Friday, September 4, 2015

Donald Gives Me That Old 9-9-9 Feeling

Why do Repub voters like dolts?  In this age replete with terrorists of all stripes, I cannot imagine a leader wannabe that cannot answer basic questions about the Middle East.  Trump may have mastered the art of bankruptcy for profit, but that's about all he knows.  Why would anyone want someone like Trump in the White House?  Think about it, the answer is a tad disconcerting.

Donald Trump Stumbles and Bristles During Foreign Policy Interview

I'm not sure about Mr. Hewitt.  Hamas is not an arm of  Iran.  Iran has provided funds to them in the past, but Iran quit funding them when Hamas decided to go after Assad's regime in Syria.  Hamas long term main squeeze is the biggest funder of terrorism, Saudi Arabia.  Hamas is Sunni.  Iran is Shia.  Assad is Alawite.  Alawites are a sect of Shia Islam.  

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