Thursday, September 3, 2015


I read a piece about mini drones.  That got me to thinking about swarms of drones which brought to mind a flight of kamikaze drones.  I doubted they exist so I decided to Google kamikaze drones.  Well, guess what, they exist and have for a few years.  We have them and the Israelis do to.

Israel's new kamikaze drone

America's Kamikaze Drone Makes the Skies Way Less Friendly

I'm waiting for a small, cheap, deadly drone that can be launched and targeted en masse against an enemy.  If needs to deliver two payloads.  First will be a small bullet bomb made with depleted uranium.  Second will be the drones self destructive explosive--runs out of gas, hits the ground and goes boom.  Imagine 10s of 1000s of these being launched in waves.  Gee, a WWI re-run here?

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