Saturday, September 5, 2015

Play a substitution game

This bullshit about god, gays, and religious freedom is bullshit.  Instead of gays, substitute blacks.  Yeah, I can't issue a marriage license to anyone who is black since they bear the mark of Cain.  Therefore they cannot, per god,  be allowed to marry.  Sorry no license.  Now substitute any other status or human attribute you like.  Does the logic feel right?  Does any of this make sense?   If you think Davis is right, then let's use god, and a very human social organization called religion,  to justify a return to separate but equal or hell why not, slavery.

This is bigotry and hate hiding behind a mask of religion.  Once again religion is trying to put us back in the swamp of human misery.

Legally, ‘God’s authority’ is a tough issue

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