Monday, September 14, 2015


There are a lot of polls out there.  The biggest message that cuts across them all is, "if you are perceived as an honest person who speaks the truth, then I'll back you." Who are the truth tellers?

Well, in the Trog lair, it's Trump, Carson, and Fiorina.   The rest of the knuckle dragger are seen as political hacks fully owned and operated by big donors and the GOP machine.

On Dems side, there's only one honest person, Bernie Sanders.  The rest are the same kind of hacks that we find in the GOP.  Clinton's support is falling away as she becomes the Democrats Jeb Bush.    Why?  Well, when you make an announcement that the candidate, after focus group study, will kick off a program of being authentic, you have a problem.  Webb, O'Malley, and Chafee are the Gilmore, Pataki and Graham of the Dems.

If people are responding to truth, then pols and parties are in trouble.  Their life blood is developing the skill of lying,especially about being political streetwalkers.  Did anyone ever figure out what the meaning of is, is?

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