Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Putin Does What We Should Have Done

As ISIS rose the U.S. had only one real option, that is, to grit our teeth and accept that the enemy of our enemy is our friend.  In this case it's two enemies of ISIS we should have allied with to rid the world of ISIS.

We should have accepted Assad as the head of Syria, forgiven him all those deaths to his citizens,  and allied with him to destroy ISIS from the west as the other new ally, Iran, attacked from the east.  Yep, to rid the world of ISIS, we have go Shia all the way.  Of course that would split Iraq into two or three states after ISIS was eradicated.

Oops, the Iraqi Sunnis and Saudis would not have liked that much.  It's a rat's nest over there.

What will the impact of Russia's aid actually be?

Putin defends deliveries of Russian weapons to Syrian army

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