Sunday, September 6, 2015

Tastes Change

These days, instead of bourbon,  I tend to drink Irish Whiskey.  My first glass is Red Breast, neat or on ice.  If I'm having a second, then it will be Knappogue Castle the same way.  Well, the third will be Tullamore Dew.  The taste buds are shot after the first one and gone by the second.

If I drink bourbon, it's Blanton's first, Woodford's Reserve second and then Maker's Mark.  I guess it's habit or taste, but for me bourbon is with ice and water.

Along the way of better booze being generally available (and a few more discretionary dollars) there are two other nice things that occurred.  First, there is the return of Orange Bitters.  It was hard to find for a long time.  Now there are several makes on the market.  That makes for a better Old Fashioned and better Manhattan.  There are all kinds of bitters out there now,  look up Fee Brothers on Amazon.

Oh, speaking of a Manhattan, now I've been able to make really good ones as Rye has returned.  There's actually quite choice out there now.

The remarkable resurgence of a liquor that Prohibition almost killed

I never was into novel drinks.  I've read about odd concoctions, tried a few, but always return to a handful of drinks I really enjoy.  The Manhattan is a favorite.  Then there's the Old Fashioned--orange bitters makes a better one too.   In the warmer months, I do love Cognac and Coke (try it before you reject the idea).  Similarly, I've found the Man-bour-tini to be a wonderful Summer drink (you'll need Mandarin Napoleon liqueur).  In cooler weather, a Sidecar is great.  And year round, a Margaret--it's two parts Baileys to one part dark spicy rum.  We call it a Margaret because she brought us a bottle of Rum mixed with Baileys.  We forgot it's name and couldn't find it in our liquor store so we made our now and called it Margaret.  There are a few others, but I guess with age you get settled into what you like (and what your taste buds still can taste).

Bottom's up!

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