Friday, September 18, 2015

The Convenient Donald

Trump never takes responsibility for his own actions or statements.  If he says "face" and it gets him some negative press, then of course he used the word face but was talking about "persona."  I guess he won't get any egg on his persona over not correcting one of his fans as the fan called Obama a Muslin.  Nah, why he didn't hear the guy.  Maybe we should quit calling him The Donald and call him The Convenient instead.  What a putz.

Trump doesn't challenge anti-Muslim questioner at event

Of course I think he really did hear the guy and saw no reason to correct him since he agrees with the guy.  Look, The Convenient was/is a birther.  I doubt if he thinks Obama is a Christian much less a citizen.  The fan and Trump are one as are the rest of the Trumpettes.  Gee if we put a "S" in front of that last word in the previous sentence, they'd all be Strumpettes.

A Trump questioner called Obama a Muslim. Many (maybe even most) Trump backers agree.

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