Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Trog Bosses Have a Problem

The problem is not Trump, Carson, or Fiorina, it's their voters.  The voters may have finally wised up a bit.  Perhaps they realize that their pols, like Bush, Walker, Christie, merely pander to the right wing extremists who vote in primaries.  Once elected they serve their true masters, their donors.  Then they  only do what the donors tell them to do as they fund raise and run for reelection.

In the GOP establishment, there's no room for compromise with the Dems much less governing. If the average Trog is not a Jumbo one note--abortion or guns or gays, or Iran or Obama--then mayhaps the Trump/Carson/Fiorina voters have woken up and realized they've been had.  They may see that their elected officials have to work with Dems to govern the nation for all the people not just a bunch of white guys like themselves.  I have doubts about Trogs and their thinking processes, but at least it's a nice fantasy.

The Republican establishment is in DEEP trouble

Oh, please note the same can be said for Dems.  They have not been well served by their establishment.   Clinton wanes as Sanders gains for the same reasons Trump et al lead in the GOP.  Eventually voters may realize they've been gamed.  It this the election that will see can changing of the political guard?  Maybe maybe.

Discounting Clinton's gender, whose politics do you prefer, her's or Sander's?

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