Wednesday, September 2, 2015

There's a better way

Clinton wants to spend money on the drug problem,  $10 billion.  It's more of the same old bullshit.  Add some education.  Add a slosh of mental health.  Add a bit of detox.  And put noxolene in EMT kits.   We've spent way more than billions doing this kind of ineffective stuff.  It has not worked.   Clinton is just one more pol from the past whose solutions do not work but do make the rich richer.

Perhaps we should listen to Bernie Sanders--shake of the economy, hit the Billionaires hard, and make a lot more new jobs instead of maximizing shareholder value.  I have a feeling if there were more decent jobs with decent futures for all, then the drug war would end itself.

Here's the Clinton pitch--

Hillary Clinton Proposes $10 Billion Plan to Combat Drug Epidemic

I wonder if Clinton has ever wondered how many of the serious drug users would prefer to end their lives instead of staying alive to do more dope?

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