Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Trogs Talk Tonight

It's the next GOP "debate."  It's on CNN.  The kiddie table will be on at 6.  The full blown knuckle draggers will be on at 8.  Let's face it, unless you're a dedicated political junkie, even if you're a Trog junkie, who gives a shit about Santorum, Pataki, Graham,  or Jindal?  To  borrow a line from Trump, they are losers.  Actually they are more pathetic than lost.  Hell, Gilmore didn't even get an invite to the kiddie table.

The only reason to tune in to the main event, is the possibility that it may become an event--as in the motif suggested by calling it the main event--boxing.  Verbal jabs.  Vocal box and weave.  Audible slices.  Oral assault.  Even and articulated clinch or three.  Yeah, that's the attraction, vicarious violence.  And it's all courtesy of the guy with orange hair, The Donald.   I wonder who will go down for the count?  Oh, mu. it just occurred to me, I think we have all met The Donald in a priot election cycle.  Yep, The Donald is a Joe the Plumber billionaire.

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