Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Two Down, How Many To Go?

Rick, Ooops, Perry bagged his run for the lease on Air Force One a couple of weeks ago.  No one would donate cash to his campaign.  He couldn't keep paying his bills.  No paid staff, no campaign even if you look real smart.  I guess GOP donors only give to SuperPacs.

Now Scott Walker has said toodles to the chance of four years of "free" grub in the White House Mess.  It's nice to see him tank early.  I never understood how he was elected three times in Wisconsin, but he is the people's choice (that is, the choice of the people who vote and vote for him).

Will we see any shift in the polls?  I doubt it.  He didn't have that much support left for someone else to pick up.  To the rest of the field, well those who aren't going to amount to squat, drop out now.  Gilmore, Pataki, Jindal, Graham, Paul and Christie should leave the race.  They cannot win their party's nomination much less beat any Democrat who is that party's candidate.

So as we move towards Iowa and New Hampshire, who will we see as the realistic top two from which one will be the nominee.  Right now I think it will be between Florina and Rubio.  Carson won't be able to duck his religious test for Prez mess.  Trump will slowly fade as voters begin to matter--policy  beats trust me bullshit.  Jeb! well, let's put it this way, the Trog voters don't want another Clinton and even they don't want another Bush.  Cruz and Huckabee will persist but they are only in the race to build their personal brand.  Huckabee will go back to FOX and Cruz will never have to worry about a Texas election ever again.

Oh, the two way may become three way if Kasich pulls off a miracle or if Fiorina or Rubio say or do something real stupid.  There you go, my predictions.  They're good for at least 24 hours.  

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