Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Jackasses Yak Tonight

Yep, it's a Demo debate.  Well, some of the Dems will sorta answer questions thrown at them by CNN's ace news staff whose primary interest is advancing CNN's ratings and ad revenues.  Also, it's not a debate.  It's more a serial Q&A wherein the pol hopes to make the quip of the night that advances him or her in money/polls/voters competition.  All of the them want to avoid an "oops" moment.

I'm not sure what the debates really accomplish other than free face time on national TV.  I really doubt if there are many Dems who have not already made up their primary minds.  They know who they will vote for in their primary, assuming that person makes it from now to then.  For example, I will vote for Bernie Sanders in the Va. primary, period.  I will not vote for any of the others.

So what do the debates accomplish?    Do debates really affect primary voters?  I doubt it, even amongst Trogs.  Then again, Trogs are hard to fathom.   Debates may affect voters who only vote in the general election.  By watching a debate they at least learn the names from which the person who will be on the ballot is selected.

I wonder do the billionaires watch the debates and decide to bankroll?  Nah, they've already decided how to shovel their cash.

What will come out of tonight?  Clinton will show how qualified and determined she is.  Sanders will let all know he is a democratic socialist.  O'Malley will try like hell to be noticed.  Webb may surprise a few  people, but so what?  Then Chafee will squeak about the metric system.  Oh, Biden may show up, but who really has Joementum  anyway?

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