Saturday, January 10, 2015

Good News

I feared the RNC was going to tamp down the 2016 campaign to become the GOP nominee.  2012 was so much fun.  It was almost a weekly contest to see who could out crazy whom.   The serial festival of batshit crazy began with Iowa (Ames) Straw Poll.  I heard it would be cancelled and thereby bring a modicum of respectibility to Iowa Trogs.  I was sad, but now I'm happy--

Iowa straw poll survives a party vote

Crazy eyes, oops, 999, and deport em all, are memories for the ages.  I'm sure the Trogs will come through again!

Ready? When I say a word, you say the first thing that pops into your mind.

Okay here goes, Jeb Bush.  Eww, I bet you didn't gush with excitement now did you?

Here's another one, Hillary Clinton,  Yech, more missing enthusiasm I bet.

Okay, Elizabeth Warren.  Wow, sounds interesting.  Hope see runs.  I'd work on her...

Who is excited about Bush and Clinton?  First, operatives and aides hoping to cash in on the campaign and if victorious the administration so they can make the big bucks as a lobbyist.  It's all about jobs and money.  Then there are the ones who really matter--big donors.  They want to keep things just as they are and perhaps enable purchases of a bit more of USA, Inc.

It's almost enough to keep half of us from the polls.  I wonder if participation would go way up if it was Rand Paul vs. Elizabeth Warren in 2016?

A signal of distaste for dynasties bodes ill for Bush, Clinton

If I were a Trog

Oh god, that's a sickening thought, being a Trog.  I shudder at the thought.  However, for the sake of exposition, if I were, I don't think I'd be real enthusiastic about the House of Trogs voting over and over again to do the same thing when they know the thing is not going to happen.  House Trogs voted some 50 time to zap Obamacare.  The ACA is still the law of the land.  Did the Trogs come up with alternatives?  No.  Did they offer ways to improve it?  No.  All did was do the same thing and expect a different result--that's insanity.

If I were a Trog, I'd rather see bills that mean something from my knuckle dragging perspective other than just iterating the same mantra over and over again, "I think Obamacare sucks" is not any approach to any kind of governance.  A meaningful bill that does not pass becomes part of legislative repetoire that can, if good,  eventually become law.  Saying no to Obamacare just proves Trogs are batshit crazy.

Here's another one, Keystone--for the 10th time:

House Approves Keystone XL—Again

Science Breakthrough of 2014

Breakthrough of the year 2014

Do you still donate to the Red Cross? Why?

After their long term screw up with blood, I bailed on the Red Cross years ago.  It appears they have remained a bit shoddy in other areas too.  I support Oxfam instead--no government grants accepted.  Oxfam seems to more oriented to and capable of getting the job done than the Red Cross.  Why does the government provide a dime to them?

Senator Demands Answers on Red Cross’ Finances

What would the South Be Like Without The Federal Government?

Well, that's easy.  Blacks would be killed without any legal charges being brought at all.  In Jackson Mississippi no one would be in prison today for the murder of James C. Anderson.  Left to themselves the typical born and bred Mississippian, there would not have been a trial.

The South depended on slaves.  The South lost the Civil War, ending slavery.  The South then  tried slavery without ownership; thank the Supremes for that bit of lunacy.  The Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act more ended than not Jim Crow.  The South persists.  Every time you hear a cracker rant on and on about State's Rights, well, you  know what they are hankering for--a return to the good old days of the antebellum South.

At least there is a modicum of justice today.

Horrific hate crime that prompted SPLC lawsuit in Mississippi concludes with final guilty pleas

Friday, January 9, 2015

People who own guns are dangerous

I've seen this kind of crap, it scares me.  In high school, an "unloaded" pistol missed a friend's head by a foot, the round went through a couple of walls and ended up in fireplace brickwork.  When we said "don't point it at us," our friend said "it's not loaded" and pulled the trigger.  He was lucky.

Then there was a State cop at a place I worked at, L learned he was showing off his quick draw of a new pistol at work.  He drew, fumbled the gun and pulled the trigger.  Fortunately, the round missed people in adjacent offices,  but went through a few walls and did minimal damage to the utility closet.  It was called accidental discharge but I know it was stupidity.

Here's another qwik draw McGraw--Off-Duty Cop Accidentally Shoots Roommate In Head While Showing Off New Gun

Gun owners are dangerous to their family

Last week a 2 year old killed his mother with her gun in an Idaho Walmart.  This week, it's not a death but wifey gave hubby one in the chest through the door.  So much for surprises.  No Darwin Awards, both can still breed.

Woman Mistakenly Shoots Husband Who Brought Home Surprise Breakfast

Vulture Capitalism, Part III?

Willard is back, maybe.  He's going to save the world or some bullshit like that.  I cannot understand why he wants to lose a third time.  At least comics will have fun with him in the race--all that crap he said four years ago will not be forgotten.  Well at least by 47% of us won't, we'll take our humor where we can find it.

Romney tells donors he is considering 2016 campaign

Gee, they're all the same

Who?  Oh, how about al Qaeda and ISIL.  Then we can add in Islamic fundamentalist jihadis of all kinds.  All are about the same.  Don't forget that Boko group in Nigeria.  Yep, they're  all "my way or the highway since I'm right and you are wrong. "   Disagree with them and they tend to kill you.  Where have I heard this shit before?  Oh, how about our evangelical fundementalists, you know, the values voters zealots.  Yep, all the same.  Oops, forgot one more swell group, Tea Party adherents.  Ours are constrained on the overt killing front, but in you hearts you know they want to.

Palazzo gets flack from tea party for backing Boehner for speaker

Votes Really Do Matter

The lack of votes matters too.  Only 36% of all possible voters voted in Nov.  The Trogs have the Senate and gained more seats in the House.  Many of the House seats are held by batshit crazy, knuckle dragging,  ultra righties who want to deport non-documented immigrants (mostly Hispanic/Latino/South of the Border types).  They are also voting to end the Dreamer status.  They know it won't pass the Senate, but you never know.

How did the GOP gain such power?  Simple, people did not vote and those that did, did not think.  The will of the people, based on the last election,  therefore is deport 'em all.  If you don't think so, did you vote last Nov.?

House G.O.P. Proposes Sweeping Reversal of Obama Immigration Steps

Thursday, January 8, 2015

We Need Several More Unaffiliateds!

Congress is too damn religious.  Excessively Christian to boot.  I'd love to see Atheists/Unaffiliated dominate Congress, say 80% at least.  Then we'd be rid ministerial hucksters popping up in politics.  Damn, we'd never have to see the faux piety of candidates every two, four, and six years too.

Faith on the Hill

Suggestion to counter Islamic Based Terrorism

Instead of sending special ops and spooks out to get the bad guys who do the killing, let's make sure we also kill the religious leaders who put the crazy ideas in heads of the terrorists too.  Kill the prelates and the faithful will go back to living their lives without worrying about the other guy.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Votes Matter

A majority of those who voted, elected this douche bag.  I guess he is exactly what the voters wanted in office, a complete asshole.  Yep, you are what you vote for...

Delauter to paper: Never mind. You can use my name. But only on some news stories.

This is fantastic news!

If you've been a bit edgy about our being at the end of the anti-bacterial rope, we've maxed out in developing new bug killers, just as bugs are getting stronger then this piece is a must read.  The next antibacterial drug may be a real magic bullet.  Hang on for five or so years then see what the Doc has to offer for whatever infection ails you.

Fingers cossed and read on---

From a Pile of Dirt, Hope for a Powerful New Antibiotic

I disagree with him

Here's a piece by Nicolas Kristof.  I disagree with him.  I offer it as another view.  Religion, particularly Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are breeding grounds for "sacred" murder of all different kinds.  All three enshrine the idea of killing for god as something good--straight shot to heaven too.  That's sick, but then all three think Abraham was a good guy.   Sorry, kill your kid because god says to, that's dumb; it says a lot about their god too.  See, it's really just a way to push obedience within a social organization, it keeps the flock in line and prelates in coin, status and power.

Is Islam to blame, yes.  Too many people need to look at the historical core of their faith and then have the good sense to drop it like the deadly disease it is.

You may agree with Mr. Kristof or not.  It's still a good piece anyway.

Is Islam to Blame for the Shooting at Charlie Hebdo in Paris?

Muslims and Secular Society

I think that Arabic Muslims cannot live in western secular society.  They cannot place their religion below secular law.  The attack and killing in Paris, if done by Muslims, need be avenged.  I suggest that France deport every last Muslim to Syrian territory and let them live in the Islamic State.

Gunmen storm Paris satirical newspaper, killing at least 12

Orrin is the white horse?

Uh, I thought that was Willard, but he lost.  I guess the Mormons have to now change horses in mid term.  Yes indeed Orrin Hatch is now third in line to replace Barry if he, Biden, an Boehner all get mortally zapped.

Borin Orrin was sworn in as Prez Pro Tem of the Senate in the 114th Congress.  

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

An Album I'd Like to See Made

One of my favorite singers is Vera Lynn.  I first heard her sing when I was in 9th or 10th grade.  The radio disk jockey played two or three numbers by Ms. Lynn.  The next week I ordered an album of hers.  I still have it.

Time passed.  Then came the Internet.  A bit of Wiki and a smattering of Pandora and I'm listening to Katherine Jenkins.  It's hard to say which is really my favorite singer, I'll call them co-favorites.

I would love to have Ms. Jenkins record the very best, say 12 songs, of Vera Lynn.  Now that would be an album.

What would I title the album? Well it depends. In 2005 Dame Vera encouraged the Welsh mezzo-soprano singer Katherine Jenkins to assume the mantle of "Forces' Sweetheart. If Ms. Jenkins has assumed the mantle, then there's the title--Passing The Mantle.

I've gotten a kick out of this. 

"In September 2009 Lynn became the oldest living artist to make it into No. 1 in the British album chart, at the age of 92, passing such veterans of music as American jazz trumpeter Louis Armstrong and French singer Charles Aznavour. Her collection We'll Meet Again: The Very Best of Vera Lynn entered the chart at number 20 on 30 August, and then climbed to number 2 the following week, before reaching the top position,outselling both the Arctic Monkeys and the Beatles.In its third week the album went gold with sales of over 100,000."

Fantastic, but

If you have cable the speed gains are wonderful.  Now,  what about areas of the nation that do not have  cable and never will.   My Internet service is through a WISP.  The Wireless part is radio based. It's better than  dial up by a long shot, but the speeds are a bit low.  When will Congress finally see the economic and social benefits of wiring the nation for high speed service everywhere just as they did with electricity in the 1930s with the advent of the REA?

Fast, cheap Internet access will allow the economy to boom.

Your cable Internet is about to get way faster

I don't understand shoppers

Apparently the kind of shopping area I prefer is dying.  The big enclosed malls are dying out.  In their  place are quaint imitation villages of little stores.  Sorry, I like covered parking and a uniform shopping environment.  Villages suck just like the small towns did when it rained, snowed, blew like hell, or was just damned unpleasant.  Malls are good, villages are not.   I'm in the minority.

Why no one likes indoor malls any more

Fair Sentence?

It seems a bit light to me.  I was expecting more on the order of four years and same probation.  Two and two is a tad lenient.  I assume he will be disbarred for life.

Robert F. McDonnell sentenced to two years in prison

Hubble is 25

The shots are still amazing.  Take a look at a new shot of the Pillars of Creation!

Hubble returns to 'old friends' for 25th anniversary

IoT and ADAS--Our Near Future?

Machine wars here we come or just more tech doing what tech has always done--been a tool for us to use and abuse.   Oh, forgot to expand IoT and ADAS--

We finally know what comes after the smartphone

Bi-pedal tangelo elected Speaker of the House! Turtle elected to lead the Senate!

Boehner survives leadership challenge from conservative members

Pity the poor white guy?

If Jim Webb is the white guy Dem, then the party has a problem.  Look, not every member of every group is the same.  That said, would you rather be a white male or in any of the other categories you can dream up.  Female?  Black?  Hispanic?  Think about it.

Here's the anti-Hillary--Jim Webb, White Guy Who Packs

Don't forget that slim victory that put Webb in the Senate was a gift from the ever moronic George Allen.  No macaca moment, then no Webb.

Monday, January 5, 2015


Network TV has proven over and over again these days they cannot do comedy.  I guess ABC decided if they added music it would make a difference.  It didn't.  Now we can assume they cannot do musical comedy as well.  Galavant was meh.  I've already taken it out of my list to record.

It had it's moments, about 6 minutes out of the total running time.  I agree with Mr. Evans' review.  More to hate than love, but he enjoyed the show more than I did, he'll come back for another round of sophmporic lilting idiocy.

5 Things We Loved/Hated About ‘Galavant’

Shitting in our nest update: The Chesapeake Bay

As expected, despite all the attention, oratory, and money the Bay remains a cesspool.  Since it is so, I suggest that is exactly what the voting majorities in the assorted political jurisdictions across the Bay's watershed truly desire.  When voters (the taxpayers that matter) decide they want something done it usually gets done or incumbents, even those with rich donors, are retired.  If non-voters want a clean Bay, well, they can shove their head up their ass and complain about a stinky bay all they want.

Chesapeake Bay’s overall health remains largely unchanged, report finds

It's Started

2015 will be the streaming service year.  More and more content will shift to streaming.  Will cable survive?  Will satellite?  Who knows.  I am confident that the consumer will wind up paying more for less as each vendor tries to maximize their income.

ESPN will be available through a streaming service, no cable required

Gored by our own ox?

Maybe so.

Health Care Fixes Backed by Harvard’s Experts Now Roil Its Faculty

Ever Wonder Why Some Things Never Get Done By Congress?

Well, unless it really matters to white Christian males it just never quite makes it into a bill.

The new Congress is 80 percent white, 80 percent male and 92 percent Christian

Did you forget this about China?

Forget what?  Oh, China is a Communist State.  The only thing that checks another cultural revolution is their new dependence on the returns of capitalism, right?  Could China have another massive purge, killing millions, disrupting world commerce, and believe they were doing the right thing for the Chinese people.?  Absolutely, ideologues are crazy.  China is blessed with them.

Maoists in China, Given New Life, Attack Dissent

Come On Now

I seriously doubt that watching Fox or MSNBC affects one's voting behavior at all.  We bring our preconceived world view to the tube as we watch.  People who tend conservative will eventually watch FOX, liberals tenders will drift into MSNBC.  Does viewing make you more one or the other?  No, I could accept that the nature of the content may increase voter participation, but voting does not reflect that anyone is more of something than not.

The content, the braying of bobbleheads of the left and right along with the ads can affect how many people take the time to vote.  In other worlds stations may influence turnout, not the underlying nature of the viewers.  To the extent the shows piss people off to a lasting extent about the opposition s few more than otherwise might turnout, turnout.  Bush won by turnout with an assist from the Supremes.  Fox didn't make people more conservative, they already were so, likewise with MSNBC and libs.  Both may well have nudged marginal likely voters to vote.

I doubt it non-voters are affected at all.  Look, die hard Trogs and Dems can watch anything.  We all know two things a Yellow Dog Democrat, one they will vote and two they will vote for the Democrat.  Whatever the GOP's counterpart to Yellow Dog is, it's the same thing but for the Repub.  Whatever the next group on each side is, are probably the one affected, but not in beliefs but in action.

Then there's the half of the population that must not watch any news, they don't vote.

Read the piece and see if you agree with me or the authors.  

Yes, watching Fox does make you more conservative

Sunday, January 4, 2015


I'm not sure of what to make of this.  Is it good, bad, or no big deal thing?

Less than half of U.S. kids today live in a ‘traditional’ family

Gee, A Decent Team

I'm glad the Oregon team reacted to Florida's QB.  It's positive, but given that Florida State, the school, fans, and community are more normal than not, it's time to rid ourselves of all NCAA inter-collegiate sports.  Get rid of them all.  Now about pro ball...

Oregon Football Players Chant ‘No Means No’ at Quarterback Accused of Rape

The Good Old Days: Cold War Fever

It was the USA against the USSR until they took the socialist out their name, sort of tanked, fell apart, and started to disarm.  We bagged some bombs too.  Ever since the cold war ended right wing pols in both countries have longed to have an external enemy they could point to and use to advance their own power and increase the size of their personal purse.

Well, cold war fans, take note.  The 2016 election will be all about foreign policy, but not about the Middle East full of crazy Arabs and Jews.  No it will be about the Cold War 2.0.

US and Russia in danger of returning to era of nuclear rivalry

GOP Funny Farm News: Louie Gohmert

Louie is loco.  If you have followed him at all, you know in his heart he is totally batshit crazy.  Today, he decided to try and become Speaker of the House. He won't make it, but given his moronic Tea Party compadres, he can make life difficult for Mr. Boehner.  Hmm, now that I think about it, run Louie run, a tangelo should not be Speaker.

Gohmert set to challenge Boehner

I'm never sure if people like Gohmert are truly nuts or have developed a useful persona to advance whatever it is they want to do in life.  If Gohmert is pretending to be batshit crazy, then that tells us a lot about his constituents.  Come to think of it even if he's not pretending we know a lot about the loons who vote for him.

The Batshit Crazy Corral Is Filling Up!

Another loon has jumped into the 2016 Prez wannabe pen.   Good old Mike Huckabee is back.  I bet he is sure Jesus is on his side.  The Trogs do have an evangefundie problem--they can run, maybe get nominated, but a Jesus jockey cannot win a national election.   Hell, they even bring down sane candidates.  Romney was a reasonable guy until, to win primaries, he had to wallow in the evangefundie cesspool.  By the time Willard went to the convention, Independents were sure he was either a hypocritical liar or had really drunk the Kool-Aid.  He was no longer the man he was when he started his campaign.  Willard lost.

Huckabee know he can't win.  However, he will add to his post election cycle marketability.  He will be able to demand more from Fox for his return to the air.   He'll spend a year and a half refurbishing his image, build a mailing list,  sucking up to donors, etc.

Huckabee to depart Fox News to consider 2016 presidential run

Gun Culture Creepiness

Wow, you own a big gun.  It has a powerful sight.  It's simple to aim and fire.  Even a two year old could fire it.  Oh, add in you are rich.  What do you have to do?  Why, you have to kill living things of course.  The only thing dumber than owning guns, is using them to kill for "sport."

If you want to get back to nature and have an intimate relationship with the animal you are going to kill, then use a spear.  If you can't do that then you're not much of a hunter.  Dropping a Rhino from a hundred or more yards with a powerful scoped rifle is dumb, but what's really stupid is mounting it's head on a wall in your home.

Before killing a rhinoceros bull, a hunter faces anger, death threats

Total Bullshit!

The Afghan War was worth it?  No way.  It wasn't declared.  There was no draft.  The troops were recycled over and over again leading to a host of problems the VA has to deal with.  99% of us had no skin in the game, even through paying taxes since the cost of the war was put on the nation's Visa card (T-Bills) for the unborn taxpayer to pay for.  As we leave the rubble the Afghan party that was in power and gave safe harbor to al Qaeda are re-taking ground.  We're safer?  That's total bullshit.

Post-ABC poll: Support for Afghanistan war rises as combat mission ends