Saturday, January 17, 2015

Rep. Scaliese

Does Rep. Scaliese Regret Slavery? Nah, I guess he's fer it.


Look, the GOP is the party of batshit crazy old white guys (and their obedient wives).   No matter what they say to the contrary, they are batshit crazy.  They'd like to include others.  If  you have an obedient spouse (not gay), are batshit crazy and tend to be more affluent than not, the GOP might be for you, especially if you are not old.  The Trogs would like to be an all inclusive home for the batshit crazy of America.

“Crazy” candidates keep GOP from shedding label of Old White Guy Party

The Abotion Fight Never Ends

It won't until we remove the Jesus Jockeys from the public square and put them back where they belong, in their pews.  As long as they befoul the public air with their "values" there will be pols who will breathe in the rancor and spew it back out, "vote for me, my values are your values."  In your heart you know that everyone cured with the "gift" of faith really wants to attend Westboro Baptist Church (but cannot and will not admit so).   I hope the Dems are ready for the fight, but I fear they are not (they're all worrying about Hillary's run in 2016).

Restricting abortion high on the agenda for Republican-controlled Congress

Here we go again

We armed the Afghan mujahideen to fight the Russkies.  They kept the weapons after the Commies left.  Of course no one bothered to ask why all those fighters came from Arabic states to fight.  We found out why,  They became al Qaeda and the Taliban.  To stick it to Russia, we created a bigger mess in Afghanistan and for the world in terrorism.

We're doing it again.  We've armed some bad guys by creating an Iraqi Army that runs in fear of Girl Scouts selling cookie.  They  leave their weapons., the bad guys scoop them up.  Now we're going to train future bad guys to fight today's bad guys.  Maybe both groups will get together and we'll have to take on both of them.   Our policies seem to have been developed with an iota of knowledge of the Middle East and Islam.

Pentagon Will Send Troops to Train Some Syrian Rebels

Ah, Kansas

What a joke.  But then, the good folks who love intelligent design, seem to have a problem with human intelligence, they reject it and elect morons instead.  They reelected an idiot who is just now beginning to pull his thumb out of his ass.  His policies failed.  I'm sure he will reinsert it and ask to be reelected again.

Pressed by Budget Squeeze, Gov. Sam Brownback of Kansas Pulls Back on Tax Cuts

Willard cares about me? Bullshit!

First, I'd have to be in the 53% that aren't takers then I'd have to richer than sin.  Willard, as with most pols, think all they have to do is say what they think we want to hear today and then we'll elect them.  Oh, that's what we do.  We don't look to what any of the bastards have actually done in their lives as an indicator of what they will do if they gain office.  We don't send them packing if they don't follow through.  Bless his greedy little heart, Willard has discovered poor people and income inequality.  Will he address how vulture capitalism has contributed to the problem or will he be an ass and blame it all on Obama?  He'll be an ass, he's a Trog.  I do hope he runs and wins the nomination since any Democrat would send him packing back to his house of car elevators.

Romney, moving toward 2016 run, outlines vision to eradicate poverty

Friday, January 16, 2015

Supremes to end gay marriage

Since there are six Catholic members of Roberts and the Robes, I am certain they will vote, not the law, but their religion.  I am tired of Christians finding new ways to trash other people, and you thought fundamental Islam is bad.

Within a government context, marriage is a contract issued by the state to protect all parties to the deal.  However, if you want to invest it with sacred bullshit and other claptrap, that's fine, but your vituperation has nothing to do with the states interest.  Christians are free, within the confines of they their homes and churches to spew as much hate as they wish.  They can be as foul as they want as long as they don't commit a crime such as murder.   In public, however, it's time for them to shut the fuck up about the state's business.

Supreme Court agrees to hear gay marriage issue

I expect them to put their decision in terms of state's rights.  Don't forget the Supremes have given us Dred Scott and Plessy.  This Court ranks right up there with the worst of the past.

Dear Sen. Imhofe

It's not climate change, god just made it a little bit hotter last year.  As god keeps making it warmer and warmer a sane person would begin to agree with the climatologists on man made global climate change.  I know you never will.

It’s official: 2014 was the hottest year in recorded history

This is a bit surprizing

Majority of U.S. public school students are in poverty

Of course, instead of maximizing shareholder value, rich pricks (who have purchased the White House, Congress, and the Supremes (the state counterparts too)  could decide to maximize the number of decently paid jobs, then we would not have the problem of most kids being poor.   They'd still be rich but resent hot having as many poor people to look down on.

It's a start, but

Civil asset forfeiture begin as a decent idea (if you aren't a fan of due process, evidence, facts and basic law).   It did hurt bad guys, but then as usually happens when the ends are used to justify the means, it began corrupting otherwise good guys--the cops.  If the police think they're being picked on, they are. because there are too many instances where they're doing the wrong thing.  If there's one area where "everyone else is doing it" cannot ever be used, it's our criminal justice system.

Too bad Holder didn't end it entirely.  Maybe Congress will, but I doubt it.  Even corruption gets politicized--the GOP will be for asset forfeiture simply because Holder (and Obama) has limited it.  Note:  Until more voters show up, we're not going to get a new group of pols.

Holder limits seized-asset sharing process that split billions with local, state police

Pew on Political Polarization

I have posted on several of the reports drawn from their dataset.  Here's the dataset and access to most of their past reports.

2014 Political Polarization Survey

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Climate Change Deniers Take Note

Sea level rise: Models and observations are starting to agree

Sooner or later they might get it right

But then who in Oklahoma really gives a shit if someone they deem fit to kill suffers?  Again I reccomend sign the guillotine.  Even Sen. Inhofe could operate one.

Oklahoma to Resume Executions, 9 Months After a Lethal Injection Went Awry


Who will win what?

Crazy Base Don't Want No Willard Bush or Jeb Romney

Oh, hell the dedicated Trogs just don't like those rich old farts.  They want some younger folks (with the same old batshit crazy ideas).  However, the very rich old Trogs do like them.  They know they are stand up guy who stay bought once paid for.  That's why they're called the establishment guys.  Will money win?  Well, if the past is any indicator, yes, yes, yes.

We're going to have a fun nomination cycle.  The boring guys will bore us.  The crazy ones will spread their batshit from coast to coast.  Unless primary voters decide to flip off money, it will be Bush, Romney or Walker.

Of the loons who are left, who'd make a good VP?  I'd go with Cruz or Santorum--either can fill Sarah Palin's pumps and scare most voters into voting for any Democratic candidate.

Conservatives shrug off Bush and Romney, remain confident in base-friendly hopefuls

How long has it taken

Let's see, it's taken about 2,014 years for the Catholic Church to have a Pope publicly say it's not nice to say bad things about other religions.  Well, it's a start, a very late start, but a start.  Now if the faithful of all kinds would keep their faithless to themselves, we'd all be better off.  Don't talk about it, just live it quietly.

Pope Francis on Charlie Hebdo: ‘You cannot insult the faith of others’

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Uh, Why does the Zebra Have Stripes?

Zebra Stripes

Will Jet Beat Amazon?

I'm not sure price is the main element in online shopping.  Whatever it all is, Amazon has done it right.  Will Jet beat Amazon?  I doubt it.  Give the piece a read and get ready for Jet.  I wonder how Amazon will compete?  I'm sure Amazon will get better in response.

Amazon Bought This Man's Company. Now He's Coming for Them


Damn, I didn't know about them, but it makes sense.  Catholic Trogs are theocons.  I'm not sure which group perverts the other since I think little of either.  Here's more than  you ever wanted to know about conservatives, the GOP, and their version of Catholicism.   Now that I think about it, the theocon bullshit goes a long way in explaining how the Supremes decide cases--less our Constitution  and lot more Thomas Aquinas than anyone should consume.

The Republican Party's war with Pope Francis has finally started

Razzies 2015

New twist in the Razzie Awards with new positive Razzie Redeemer Award introduced

Oklahoma can't even do a decent hit

If the state is going to kill, i.e., get vengeance, then it should do the job effectively, efficiently and publicly.  Yep, a guillotine on the State House steps is just dandy.  Well, that or a .45 to the back of the head would do the job nicely.   If you're going to execute, be bold, be brave, don't hide, and don't perform medical experiments on cons.  

Oklahoma's 'experimental' lethal injection protocol challenged in US supreme court

The Third Time is Just Like The Prior Two--He'll Lose!

Willard may run for the lease on Air Force One.  Again.  He's still the same bozo he was on his two prior attempts.  Why on earth would Trogs opt for him?  As a Dem I hope they do nominate him.  Willard is still the same vulture capitalist who despises 47% of the population.  We'd just have to dust off the old ads.

Third Chance for Romney? G.O.P. Is Torn

I wonder what the turnout was?

At any rate the perv was reelected.  I guess the voters approve of his past behavior  and decided to send him back as Henrico's rep in the Va. House of Delegates.  When will a cable station give us "The Real Pols of Virginia?"  The McDonnells would fit in along with Morrissey.  Others?

Joe Morrissey: A human train wreck that Virginia voters support — and deserve

The election says something about the voters in Henrico.  I'm not sure what.  Maybe they all love sex with underage boys and girls.  Must be an odd collection of folks that live there.

Are you tired of the Muslims?

Aw gee, we don't understand them and they're offended.  Hell, I also don't understand Christian fundamentalists and orthodox Jews.  They all all batshit crazy.  From my perspective, if nature gave you one to many expressions of the god gene, deal with it, and make an effort to keep the god crap to yourself.   Most people just want to be left alone.   Being offended by a cartoon ranks right up there with believing that people coexisted with dinosaurs and Moses really did part the Red Sea.   If all the faithful decided to be silent in public about the object of their insanity, I bet we'd find the world quickly become a bit more peaceful.  For the most part all the faithful are being played by others who use the god crap to in gain, maintain and expand personal power, fame and fortune.   Try silence for yourself and make sure to shush anyone else who speaks of god in public.

French Muslims feel deeply torn by viral ‘I am Charlie’ slogan

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Let there be reprisals

"Charlie Hebdo" will publish a new issue, about a million copies, featuring a cartoon of Mo the prophet.  Now the suck up snivelers who use religion to maintain their political base and incomes are worried that devout Muslims will react.  Let them react.  If they do, they will finally prove that all Muslims are really fundamentalist jihadi terrorists at heart.  There are no moderates, they are all variants of the Wahhabi type.  So much for the idea of a few people highjacking a  religion.  I doubt that Islam can really exist in a secular society.  I doubt that Islam can ever accept any real concept of democracy, liberty and freedom.   Free speech must always trump religion.

Has anyone ever asked why it's no easy to satirize and make light of religion?  Think about it.

Reprisals Feared as Charlie Hebdo Publishes New Muhammad Cartoon

Greed reaps it's own reward

If one decides to charge ever increasing amounts for a product, because you have cornered the supply market, and have decided you can get very rich, then life is good, but only for a while.  When a new source opens that you cannot control, then you have to sell more and more for less just to break even.   It will finally dawn on you that life will never be like it was in the good old cartel days.  The world is awash in oil and gas.  The Saudis and others have to sell a lot cheap otherwise the world will keep on buying from American frackers.   How low will it go for how long? No one knows.

Oil Prices Continue to Fall

It's dumb to have an economy and political order that depends on one thing--oil.

I thought it was just the Islamists

Blasphemy laws are a political tool in countries such as Pakistan.   Such laws are quite popular throughout the Islamic world--not just the Arabic states.  I never thought Christian nations were into such laws, I figured they still used heresy laws and old fashioned burning at the stake to deal with theological trouble-makers.  Ireland has a blasphemy law.

Irish say it’s time to finally ditch their blasphemy law

2015 and Streaming

Netflix, Amazon, and coming soon Dish Sling, CBS's stream as well as HBO's.  By the end of 2015 I wonder how much market there will be for network TV?  If CBS just streams it's crap, who will sign up?

Here's another bit of news that points to a kind of change:

Woody Allen is doing a series for Amazon

GOP Horseshit, There'll be a lot more over the next two years

 From the House Majority Leader: ’300 new rules’ in just one week by President Obama? Nope
I bet Rep. McCarthy gets his facts from FOX.  

I never understood all the Nazi based name calling, but it's remains popular in both parties.  It's always a cheap shot.  It's so over used it's become meaningless.  It does not take much wit to say:  

Obama is basically worse than Hitler

Then there's pure gibberish, from the Speaker no less--DHS funding fight about overreach, not immigration.  Hell, if he spoke the truth in public, he'd say,

"we're shutting DHS down to block all the immigration changes that Obama made after the election.   To hell with American safety, we're going to deal with all those illegal bastards first.  Our donors and voters expect no less from real Americans like me and the GOP."

Expect more, it's going to be unplaseant but a great setup for the 2016 race, on both sides.  

Arab Spring, Er, Make That Splat: Egypt

Old dictators don't die, they just get exonerated of all charges and are set free.   It's amazing how in the quest for a bit of democratic life, Egyptians removed a dictator, then were thwarted by Islamic punks who were really theocratic politicians, who then in turn,  were ousted by the deposed dictator's primary backers, the military.  Maybe tourism will rebound in a few years.  Does Egypt have the right  idea on how to deal with Islamic pols?  Maybe, maybe.

Court ruling may free Egypt’s Mubarak from custody

The Catholic Church?

I know it's one guy's opinions and he's a has been now.  However, my guess is his viewpoint is shared by others, men and women.   How many and whom, I don't know.  I wonder if Pope Frank dies, would the misogynists be back?  That's a dispiriting thought.

I do know this kind of idiotic thinking assisted my exit from the Church.  It's balderdash to blame all the "ills" of the church and humankind on women, but that's what this moron does.   Why does anyone bother with any Church at all?

Former highest-ranking U.S. cardinal blames ‘feminization’ for the Catholic Church’s problems

Monday, January 12, 2015

Given Past Reactions To News

I bet Prez Barry will come out an say he discovered that there was a march in Paris just like most of us did, that was when we tuned in CNN.  By then it was too late to fly over and participate.  Lower levels schmucks protected him once again and sent the Ambassador in his place.  Hell, even the Sec of State didn't get through Barry's plausible deniability crew.  Once again he sort of screwed the pooch.

White House: We should have sent a higher-profile official to Paris march

Long term bet, will Obama make more than Bill Clinton did at the 10 year out of office mark?

Oh, come on!

Religious leaders of all types are, on the whole, generally fucked up people.  Every once in a while one displays a  behavior that confirms he or she is truly beyond batshit crazy.   The sad part is there will always be listeners that agree (kind of reminds me of Fox News).

If you were almost at the point of giving Arabic muslims another chance, you know shooting cartoonists were the actions of isolated folks who abuse Islam, then read below.  There is so much of this kind of crap, I'll go out on a limb and say, it's not Muslims in general, but all Arab muslims who seek to violently force all others to live in that same 7th century cesspool they inhabit.

Saudi cleric issues fatwa on snowmen

Uh, Centcom has a Twitter and YouTiube Accounts?

First, why?  Now before you make up some bilge about communication and such rot, note this:

US Central Command Twitter account hacked to read 'I love Isis'

Now why do the twits have a Twitter account?

Fox's experts?

I do wonder who believes the crap that Fox spews as news?   Apparently Mr. Cameron listened and decided.

David Cameron: Fox News man is 'idiot' for Birmingham Muslim comments

Now if the rest of their audience would only do the same.

Criminal Justice is War?

It seems that our police have become G.I. Joes.  They are quite militarized.  Look at the array of munitions and equipment we saw when Ferguson dominated the news.  About any time police activity is seen on the news, they resemble mercenaries.  How often do TV shows or movies feature police portray cops as one more subset of combat  troops.  Of course all that gear has been made available to very real police department at low to no costs by our Department of War Defense.  Oh, don't forget, to look at the heads and arms of our police--shaved and well tattooed seems to a motif.

In war, troops can pretty much get away with a lot of mayhem, if it's directed at the enemy.  It takes a lot to bring a soldier to justice for atrocities.  Hmm, do our domestic police, given the gear, garb and appearance of soldiers adopt that same "I can do whatever I damn well want to the enemy suspect?"

It's time to rethink how we police ourselves and what we will tolerate.  I had not given flashbangs much thought, but they might be a starting point for discussion of militarized cops.

Hotter Than Lava

I don't understand jihadis and their kindred

If I was one of them, I think I'd be targeting a bit differently.  Government officials, elected and otherwise,  are really pawns, even in dictatorships.  If I did not like the current political and cultural order, I'd target the rich who sustain the status quo.

For example the Twin Towers was dumb, it's destruction pissed a very rich nation off.  Now, what if they had used commercial jets to effectively "bomb" and destroy places where the super rich tend to live and hang out?  Would it not be better to blow a financier or banker to bits than their customers?

If the board and seƱor execs of Goldman Sachs or Citibank ended with a suicide bombers bang, do you think anyone in Shithole, Mississippi would give a shit?  If you were a terrorist you'd keep killing the rich, let them know you'd like a few changes made, and before long changes would be made, right?  If not, at least you'd turn over a time a two the families that are rich.   The rich cannot enjoy their wealth if they are dead.  Oh, just for the hell of it, you could target the families of the rich too.  Yep insure there were no heirs for all that wealth--work back from the very youngest to the oldest too.

Like I said I don't understand them.  Is targeted assassination a way to influence public policy?  Oops, forgot about the CIA, so bag the above it does not work.


The Pad

Are there any honest people left?  I have my doubts, the lure of lucre is to great.  What does government service mean these days?  Well, for the successful it means, get a government job of some kind, do well, rise in the ranks, retire, then work for the same private entities that either lobbied or sold shit to you when you served in government.  It's been going on for decades in government, it also pervades other sectors.   Think you can't buy a doctor, professor or scientist to say whatever  you want?  Well, dream on, dream on.  So much for the value of honesty.  Who can you trust?

Forget the McDonnells. We’re ignoring bigger, more pernicious corruption right under our noses.

The Problem

Both political parties have the same problem.  They both love messages for the masses.  That's it, just messages for us.  In other words, they both agree that all the American sap needs is to hear some nice words.  Given the words, we're then satisfied while they politically, economically and socially rape about 75% of the nation.

Yes indeed, for 2016 both parties are going to find themselves one of those populist messages.  We'll listen to their words, nod our heads, vote for one of the messages then spend the next four years on our knees as they wheel, deal and hob nob with Wall St. and all the various Business and Industry Congressional Complexes that keep on buying our government.

Come on, words are cheap it's what we've all enjoyed for the past six years.  Did you really expect Obama to act?  Is Gitmo still open, without a fight?  Do we really have an new and improved health care system for all?  Uh, what about Medicare for all?  Nah, both parties are all talk and no walk.  Eight years of Bush and six of Obama, in both cases all hat and no cattle (other than endless useless war).

So, get ready to hear Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton start to sing the Middle Class Blues.  They've already sung about and shafted the working and lower classes--they don't really vote or donate so they've been declared non-existent inside the beltway.  In the past six years name a pol who has fought and actually lost an election over any populist issue?  Name a recent pol who has designed, fought and actually seen a populist law enacted?  Can you name a pol who has populist messages?

When the pols are rich, they, especially the new rich,  tend to govern in their own interest.  Do you really think any of them "feel your pain?"  Who the hell believed that line would translate into any kind of amelioration anyway?  Tell me who has actually done something that serves people?  Bush?  What?  Clinton?  What?  You can name and ask about the rest.

I guess voters are either all on the pad or dumber than a box of rocks.  Do voters actually think any the verbalizing will be made real?

Both search for a credible populist message


Now that pot is legit for fun and games in a couple of states as well as in several for medicinal purposes, one can ask how's the Mexican dope biz doing?  Ouch, the pot trade is bottoming out since better and cheaper stuff is now home grown.  What's a drug cartel to do?  Well, how about heroin and meth?

Losing marijuana business, Mexican cartels push heroin and meth

Okay, why not make heroin and meth legal too?    Actually make all of the illegal stuff licit.  Maybe  usage would actually decline.  If not at least, from a public health perspective, we'd be able to contain and treat those who have decided life sucks.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Golden Globes Tonight

Go ahead watch the Red Carpet show on E!, then watch the Globes.  Who will win?

Golden Globes 2015: our prediction for winners of the TV awards

I like religious freedom

Religious freedom means everyone has the right to believe in whatever fantasy they wish provided their fantasy does no harm to anyone else.  Basically, one has beliefs, one lives those beliefs, and one keeps those beliefs to themselves.  One does not publicly demean, injure or harm anyone else for not accepting your beliefs as their own.   When it comes to beliefs, I'd prefer that we all keep them very private and to ourselves alone.

We all live according to our inner guidelines.  We assume they are true.  I wish we could agree to find out who's got the Truth, but only after we die.   For example, I assume the world and all living things to be the result of random chance events.  There is no reason that we exist.  It's equally probable that we might never have evolved into existence.  There is no deity in charge.  The universe just is, period.

If, after I die, I then find myself to be somewhere very unearthly--the gates to heaven so to speak-- then I will freely admit I was wrong.  Of course I will never know for certain that I am right, since I will be dead and gone and there will be no post mortal experiential events.  I will just be dead.

This is governance?

Based on their actions over the Bush years, the past six years, and what's probably going to occur over the next two years, why does anyone, other than anarchists, vote for any GOP candidate anywhere?  They do not govern.  They cannot govern.  They are incapable of governing.  They are all talk, shit they cannot even crawl.

New GOP Senate looks to blast Obama at confirmation hearings