Saturday, January 24, 2015

Losing Weight

The Best Time of Day to Exercise to Lose Weight

Presidential Vacation

The Prez was off to India to visit the Taj Mahal, then some Saudi dictator died.  Oops.  Barry will cut short his vacation in India to suck up to the late dictator's family.  I know they have oil, but Saudi Arabia is what ISIL aspires to be (1000 lashes for blogging).  Obama has time for a Caliphate but not for showing unity with the French after the Charlie Hebdo  killings.

Obama shortens trip to India to pay respects to the late dictator Abdullah’s inbred despotic family in Saudi Arabian Caliphate

Cable Prices Going Up!

Why?  Simple, it's due to the nation's obsession with sports.  ESPN and others will charge whatever the market will bear.  Cable and satellite providers pass the increases on to the consumer.  I do not understand why sports are so popular.  Myself, I do not watch any sports.  They are a waste of my time.  At any rate, Sport, our rates will be rising.  Enjoy.

Bidding war between networks, sports leagues will increase price of cable TV

Her Bank Account Must Need Replenishment

Sarah Palin's interested in 2016?  Right, as long as she can sell books, made oodles of paid appearances, and rev up the old Sarah Pac to bank a boodle of cash from cretins.  We seem to be overly blessed with those of diminished capacity.

Palin says she’s ‘seriously interested’ in 2016 campaign

Friday, January 23, 2015

The Hillary Nutcracker Is Coming Back!

I'd prefer to have Elizabeth Warren be the Party's nominee.  If Ms. Clinton wins, she'll have my vote. Even a Democrat in name only, beats any Trog on the planet.

In Prelude to 2016, Anti-Clinton Groups Are Just Beginning

The Catholic Court Has No Problem With Oklahoma

Roberts and his robed cohort will take up Oklahoma's botched state murders.  I have confidence Roberts and the other Catholics will find no problems with Oklahoma at all.  After all, a man like Scalia would prefer to have cons burned at the stake--it's what his version of Jesus would do (per his Catholic theology).

US supreme court to review execution procedure in case brought by man already put to death


If it's mostly the rich who use 529s for funding college education, don't end the program because of that.  Instead, do a better job getting the word out and then assist the less than rich in saving for the expense.

Gutting it to fund "free" two years at community college is dumb.  Of course, asking people to pay a graduated education tax won't fly.  Trogs won't pay taxes for anything but guns and more guns.  They want to turn the nation into one giant Kansas (especially when it comes to education).  Pay a tax and dedicate the revenue to making the first two years of college into grades 13 and 14.

Explain it to the public.  Propose a tax.  Then really encourage people send cards a letters to their Reps and Sens.  Hell, he doesn't have to worry about reelection.  Oops forgot about his post presidency Rolodex.    

Critics pounce on Obama’s plan to cut the tax benefits of 529 college savings plans

Aw, Who Really Gives A Shit?

With respect to the earth, nukes and climate change, who, amongst the rich and powerful give a rats?  In their minds, they have theirs. For them, given their assets, they will, even when it turns to shit live well (relatively speaking).  Hmm, maybe the solution is to rid ourselves of the current crop of rich and powerful people, fix the problems, and await the next batch of new rich and powerful assholes to take over so we can do it all over again at some future date.

The Doomsday Clock is ticking again. It is now three minutes to ‘midnight,’ a.k.a the end of humanity.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Gun Culture: Stupid Kills Kids

Come on, another kid offs himself with a parent's pistol.  Funny how the gun nuts never quite get around to saying "I'm a dumb shit for having guns around children."  Even when it's their own child that is dead, they seem to want to go buy more guns.  Sadly, another Darwin Award has to be given out.

Florida toddler fatally shoots himself with father's gun while parents load car

Obama Loses A Killing Field

Our Prez won't be able to launch drones in Yemen to kill Yemenis, they had a revolt.

Yemen’s political turmoil deepens as president, cabinet resign

Hmm, weren't all those drones supposed to spread, liberty, freedom and democracy in Yemen.  Damn that was the get rid of gatherers program the liberty stuff was post shock and awe in Iraq.  We do so well in Arabic lands.

What? McFries are Twinkies in Disguise?

I kind of thought McFries were potatoes, oil and salt.  Oops.  I bet, like a Twinkie, a McFry will be shelf stable for a couple of light years and have so many ingredients that you cannot make one at home.  How many ingredients in one McFry?

There are 19, yes, 19 things in a McFry!

Gun Culture: Hunters

People who own guns love to point out that guns, frequently, are used for recreational purposes, such as hunting.  Hunters enjoy shooting and killing animals.  I don't know why, I do know I don't buy the "I do it for the food" reason.  That's bullshit.  They enjoy killing.  Of course some of them really don't give a shit about the nature and the animal.  They just want to kill it.  They bait the animal, then kill it.  Here's a sad story where the bait killed the animals before the "hunter" could show up for his  bloodfest.

Four bears in New Hampshire may have suffered death by chocolate

Hunters love to kill with long guns.  Pistols are not for hunting animals, they're made to kill people.  I do wonder about all those pistol packers.  They, in their hearts are hunters, but just can't admit it.  Gun culture is mostly repugnant, but until the law changes they can pack and blast away.  Baiting not he other hand is illegal.  Maybe it should be a capital crime.  

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Worth a read

If you missed Stepehn Colbert's shows on his Super Pac in 2011,  here's his lawyer's overview of what he did and what's wrong with the Supreme's decision that enabled Super Pacs.

Here’s what I learned when I helped Stephen Colbert set up his Super PAC

Lip-Syncing: Cars and Triucks

We fake everything else.  Why not give drivers an array of engine sounds?  At any rate dealers really should let consumers know about the orchestrated engine sounds.  Lip-syncing into the future...

America’s best-selling cars and trucks are built on lies: The rise of fake engine noise

Opinion Column on SOTU

Here's a decent overview of the total SOTU package:

Joni, al-Qaida and rich folks, oh my! The imaginative Republican response to the State of the Union

How Much Is That Drone In The Window?

I don't know how many drones the Air Force has much less should have.  How about the CIA fleet?  Are they the same?  Does the Pentagon loan drones to spooks or do they have a covert fleet of their own.  Does the Interior Department have drones?  How about Agriculture?  Congress?  So many questions, so few answers.

At least we know that drones eliminate nasty PR problems like Gitmo.  If you don't capture anyone, you don't have to incarcerate them.  Drone them to smithereens seems to be the Obama policy.

We can get an idea of the cost of the drone fleet.  They are expensive, but what popular/sexy government procurement item isn't?

Pentagon says air force's 'expanding drone fleet' is unjustified and wasteful

Shrub and Dork Update: Torture

When you fuck up it's hard to say you fucked up, especially if you've gone out on a limb defending your actions, the value to the nation of those same actions, and the things you had done, the actions, were flat out torture in black CIA sites around the world.  Well, the Senate did make a report.  Dork snorted at it.  The Shrub painted a portrait of his left big toe.  Perhaps someone should now go "oops."

C.I.A. Report Found Value of Brutal Interrogation Was Inflated

I wonder it Dork will un-snort?  (Can one inhale a snort?) Nah, he's beyond redemption.  I bet the guy was a stone killer in a prior lifetime.

And in the Middle East It's Still About 850 A.D.

If it weren't for oil who would admit to knowing anyone, much less visiting Saudi Arabia?

A flogging in Saudi Arabia is just one sign of a new crackdown on rights activists

Jews and Arabs keep doing the same thing over and over again, and each time they expect a different result.

Palestinian man stabs people on Tel Aviv rush-hour bus

If you think the only religious conflict in the Middle East comes from Jew vs. Christinan vs. Muslim, think again.  Most of the deadly stresses come from Islamic sectarian deadly violence.

Shiite insurgents control Yemen’s presidential palace and residence

And of course, USA, Inc., per the elected guy anchorage, we're there defending our 1%'s national interest (wealth) and spreading democracy, liberty, and shit like that.  We've still mired in Afghanistan and will be for decades--we won't call it war, it's an overseas contingency thing along with our botched invasion, occupation, "victory," exodus from and now our return to Iraq.  Oh, forgot ISIL, those guys have made a mess for us.

Rise of ISIS Deprives Obama of a Mantle of Peacemaker

The results of our elected leaders SNAFU in Iraq is now spreading to the FUBAR Afghanistan War.  I wonder if ISIL will bring captured US weapons with them to replace the ones we gave the mujahideen that became the Taliban and al Qaeda.  What else can anyone say, it's fucked up.

Taliban Fissures in Afghanistan Are Seen as an Opening for ISIS

Here's a final thought about the mess we can't get out of.  What if ISIL winds up owning land a swath of land that runs from the current Syrian Israeli border, also takes in the middle and western part of Iraq over to the border with Iran and also takes over most western Afghanistan, will Iran then get real bellicose?  would Iran ask for US help?  Would Saudi Arabia decide to side tie ISIL to attack Iran and  add in a jab at the Jews for good measure?  Yep, one really fucked up place.

SOTU, yeah, sorta tired of it, are you?

For the first time I can remember, I did not watch or listen to the SOTU.  I don't remember one that really ever mattered.  In a nutshell, the Prez said some stuff.  His side liked it.  The other side, well, they have one word for it, "no." The next two years will be pretty much like the last six.  Some things will get done.  Most reasonable ideas will be deep-sixed via partisan bickering.  The Prez has a House and Senate opposed to just about everything he'd like to do.  He does, however, have the veto stamp.  It will be interesting to see how and when he wields it.  I doubt if he will ever use it on principle, he's too big on the idea of "something is better than nothing," and sadly he does seem to champion the idea that the ends justify the means.  You know it's a "for the greater good," right?

Not watching our annual exercise in meta-kabuki political theater also means I missed the opponents response to the Prez.  I understand the hog de-baller from Iowa gave it.  The only significant item I learned about her, from cable news this a.m., is that she wore camouflage pattern heels.  Heels are strange enough, but came?  I haven't read her speech, but I'm sure she pretty much took issue with everything the Prez might say or like to do in the next two years.  I guess who just oinked her way through the speech.

Now we'll see who can do what.  Don't expect much beyond the bare minimum that needs to be done to keep USA, Inc. going.  There won't be any new products for citizens, however new pieces of the organization will be sold (by both parties) to the highest bidder donor.  Oh, remember from now on, every action taken by any pol will play into the 2016 election--Prez, House and Senate.

Hmm, what happens if Elizabeth Warren is elected and Congress stays under Trog control?

IN case you missed the spiel, here tis for y'all to read, yawn--

The 2015 State of the Union

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


There are already more #millennials than boomers — depending on how you define ‘millennial’

So when will we see a change in our politics based on millennials?

I think I've Given Up Caring

Let's see Grandad keeps a loaded pistol in the bedroom.  His five year old grandson finds the gun, pulls the trigger and puts on in the head of his 9 month old brother.  Mom thinks the kid's been shot with a paintball gun.  It's sick, but they have their 2nd Amendment rights to be as crazy as they wish.  They are gun owners protecting themselves from some perceived external threats.  I think they need something to protect themselves from themselves, but I won't argue with stupid.  I will award a Darwin Award to the family.

Missouri 9-month-old fatally shot in his crib by 5-year-old brother, police say

Culture Wars Over A Movie?

How Clint Eastwood’s ‘American Sniper’ stoked the American culture wars

I have not seen the film and might not bother with it for a few years or until it's available through Netflix.  I can say a few things.  Everything military really is political.  No pols, no wars.  It's not quite that simple, but it gets close.  Be it a king, dictator or elected Prez, they have armies to conduct foreign policy with force when words fail them.  When we war and win, it's good.  When they do it and they win, it's bad and evil.  Hell, know they are bad because the Prez told us so. He would not send our military to fight unless it was for good.  There's a lot of PR bullshit when it comes to armies, war and politics.

War is death.  War is destruction.  To some it's downright enjoyable.  Odd that we can wind up loving mayhem, but we can and do.  Soldiers do all kinds of jobs.  Some are very deadly, but remember before we praise them to effusively, those same acts in other contexts would warrant a war crimes trial or a civil trial and a long prison sentence.   In the past most guys were more quiet than not about their "hands on" war experiences.  Maybe you can figure out why now.

Wars have immediate causes and long term causes.  Usually it's easier to promote the immediate cause as a good reason to go kill them.  If we look at the long term causes it can become very painful to realize that the latest war is just our hoisting ourselves on our own petard, again.  The folks who are in charge of governments are just people who seem to make the same mistakes, over and over again.  Under their leadership, half the time we're at war and half the time we're at peace.  I wish if were more peaceful split.

Why do we make war?  Well, it's simple, we want to be secure in our wealth national interest.   Odd that today, it's 1% of us securing the wealth of that other 1%.  99% of have no real wealth and 99% will not serve in the military.  That's not right.

I served in Vietnam.  I enlisted in 1967.  Back then, G.I.s were given the pleasure of one, one year all expenses paid vacation in the war zone.  I even received an extra $65 a month.  There were no multiple tours in Vietnam (unless you volunteered).   I never did find any dominoes that were supposed to fall if Vietnam fell.  I never did quite figure out how, by being there,  I was defending freedom here.  As with most folks who enlist, it was for a variety of reasons.  One of them was simply that I did what I was supposed to do.  I'd do it again.

War sucks.  Let's appreciate our Constitution and Declaration of Independence and tamp down the glorification of war and soldiers.  I don't like the way we now refer to soldiers as warriors.  The Wall has the names of 60,000 soliders who died in Vietnam.  I cannot use the term warriors, it does not sit well with me.  Remember patriotism all to often is the refuge of scoundrels.

We probably will never be able to be rid of war, it's an evil we live with.  Until our government fails us, we'll be able to field willing armies of men and women who do have that sense of duty, honor and country.  Hmm, to win future wars, we need good government that serves the needs of all its people.  Is that the real national interest?

Oh, regardless of how you feel about my BS above, see the flick, it's probably a good one if you like the genre.  See it, think about it, then write about it.


Monday, January 19, 2015

Better, Worse or the Same since then?

This powerful image perfectly captures how divided America was when MLK died

Why not just by-pass theaters all together?

Put movies into streaming from the get go.  Instead of charging theater prices or current single film streaming prices, opt for $1 a flick for the first six months or so, thenm make it available per the service's annual fee.  I bet studios, Amazon and others would make more this way than under the current model.

Amazon's Plan to Make Films and Debut Them on Prime Right After Theaters

Yawn time coming up: SOTU

The State of the Union speech is pretty much a yawn for all but the inside the Beltway crowd.  Even for those folks, it amounts to little.  I've never figured out to whom the Prez actually addresses.  It never seems to be neither the whole Congress, the government  or all the people of the nation.

The Prez parades in.  The Prez then says a bunch of, to him, nifty stuff.  His side applauds and cheers (I think they have a script that tells when to clap, stand, whoop, holler, etc.)  The other side does not provide auditory support, they too have a script.   Most of the yammering amounts to, at best,  wishful thinking that will never go beyond being a bullet point in a speech forgotten by the time the opponents idiotic rebuttal is finished.

Sometimes the Prez introduces a talking point by introducing people he's stashed in balcony.  It's odd, but seems to play well with the pols and press.  I'm sure we'll watch, it's habit.  When it's over, we'll agree it was okay to good.  We'll then agree it was too long.  Finally we'll devote five or six seconds to an in-depth substantive evaluation.  Oh, we'll then wait for the Daily Show recap.

I'd love to see a Prez return to, as did Jefferson and every other Prez until Wilson, accomplish the SOTU by sending a written message to Congress for the clerk to read to them.  Bet that wouldn't get coverage on anything but C-Span.  It might be a bit more meaningful then too.

The State of the Union in pop culture: there's less of it than you'd think

Sci Fi Reality

Did you ever read any of the sci-fi books based on computers having taken over our institutions and governments from the 1970s and 80s?  If you did, then those books seem to be have been a bit prescient as we read about today's Internet dependence and vulnerabilities.

N.S.A. Breached North Korean Networks Before Sony Attack, Officials Say

I've quit reading sci-fi, and other fiction, for a few decades now.  I wonder what the contemporary Sci-Fi books have as major themes and what the sub-specialties depict for today's tomorrow?  Maybe I'll return to fiction, but reality provides me with sufficient novelty for thought.

10th Fans The Supremes Will Support You

The 10th Amendment, "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people," lets States try to get away with uncivilized behavior hearkening back to the antebellum days.   Have you noticed that state's rights is a major issue in the old and new confederacy?  State's rights seems to be a way of saying "civil rights, my ass."

The Confederacy will get a boost from Roberts and the Catholic Robes over gay marriage.  Instead of doing the right thing, they will do the wrong thing--for the day glow Jesus crowd and GOP voter/donors--and decide against the right for gays to marry and the right to have those marriages recognized in all states.  I don't think has this court, had it been the one  seated in 1967, would have ended miscegenation laws.

Oh, well, since only about one third of us vote in every federal and state election, the Courts decision will stand.  I assume it will be a boneheaded one and given voting behavior it will stand.  Yes, per the voting majority we have exactly the nation they desire.  Is it what you desire?

A question on the question of gay marriage

Of course the Supremes may surprise me and support human rights.  I'm prepared to be disappointed.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Ed. is spot on!

I don't give a shit about anyone's faith.  I don't want to know about anyone's religion.  I see faith more as a genetic anomaly or a festering, lingering disease than much else.   I would love to go a single day without a single mention of religion in the news.  That would be a wonderful day.   Politics and religion do not go together at all.

Charlie Hebdo editor-in-chief: ‘Religion should not be a political argument.’

Oh, Please Run, Lizzie, Run

Elizabeth Warren needs run for the presidency.  I'd work on her campaign, but not Clinton's.  Clinton is just more GOP lite like her husband, Obama and George Bush.

Elizabeth Warren keeps pressure on Hillary Clinton and Democrats ahead of 2016

Worries are over!

After Willard sort of indicated, that maybe, perchance, he might run for the GOP presidential nomination in 2016, I was relieved.  I feared that Jeb Bush might become the anointed Trog.  You know he'd be the Hillary of the GOP.

I feared because I began to think the primaries would be no fun without a raft of certified loons vying for the office.  2012 was a blast.  Even Willard morphed from almost normal to beyond batshit.  Willard's decision reflects uncertainty amongst the knuckle dragging party faithful.

Now they can let two rich old white guys have a decent debate while the real party folks listen and nominate a certified batshit crazy Trog.  Please let it be the GOP's male Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz.  My fears were fully assuaged as I realized Willard is a crazy magnet.  Lo, two of the wackier acid droolers have come out of the closet, so to speak--

Lindsey Graham and Mike Huckabee say they are serious about thinking about running in 2016