Thursday, January 29, 2015

The more things change the more they stay the same?

Well, not quite when it comes to sexual assault on college campuses.  At least more folks are willing to accept that colleges do cover up rapes and other crimes to protect their reputations (alumni giving) and football team (more alumni giving).  Football and frats really are things of the past.  Colleges should dump both.  I cannot imagine a public trial at Vanderbilt say forty years or earlier, even thought I can imagine the same sexual assault.

Vanderbilt Rape Convictions Stir Dismay and Denial

Football and Greeks seem to act like perv magnets, they attract the worst amongst us.


Unless Willard is ready to forgo his fortune, become a Democrat and ask Elizabeth Warren to be his VP, I cannot believe he's changed anything but the bullshit that he spews.  He's still the same old Willard from 2008 and 2012.  I think he spoke the truth about himself and his politics during the 2012 campaign.  I'm pretty sure that 47% of my fellow Americans agree with me, even those who deported themselves.

Mitt Romney’s people insist he’s not ‘rebranding.’ Sorry, but he most definitely is.

Sniper Movie

I have not seen American Sniper.  I'll wait until Netflix makes it available via streaming.  It's a war flick.  When I was a kid, I saw lots of war movies--WWI, WWII, Korea and others.   For the most part they were films that showed, we won, we're good, we spread liberty and democracy.  It's the old arsenal of democracy meme.  Then I went to war.  Vietnam.  I still watched a war flick now and then but I did so with a different eye.  I had learned war sucks.  War is death.  War is destruction.  War really is just foreign policy by another means.   Films have a way of glossing over the ugly stuff and missing a lot of details as it compresses time into no more than 2 1/2 hours.  Film is a story, it's the uneducated man's history if  you will.  Now we have a popular Iraq War film.

The film may be good.  I don't know.  The film may make a decent point.  I hope we don't forget that the Iraq War was iditoic.  It never should have happened.  As I've read about this latest exercise in making money via patriotic gore, I find passions are pretty intense on both sides.

‘American Sniper’ Fuels a War on the Home Front

It must some kind of flick, from the pro and con rehtoric it seems to be the one film that inspires gun nuts and peaceniks jerk off.    Like I said war sucks, but we will always have foreign policy.

Add Another Trait To McAncient's Description

Sen. John McCain has been an bitter old white guy ever since he lost the election to that young black guy.  He's old.  He's nasty.  He's lost his mind.  He is senile.  How so?  Well if you have followed the latest proof that Sarah Palin is as dumb as a box of rocks.  Only a senile old fart would say:

Palin would ‘do great’ as presidential candidate

Why do cable shows have this bitter old man on?  Who listens to his invective?  Can you imagine what a world of misery we'd be in if he had been elected, screwed things up bit, then died and Palin had taken over.   Bleeech!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

May the Sarah Be With You This Cycle

You betcha! Sarah Palin running for president is a great thing for America

What are these folks so worried about?

The more I read about the zealots amongst us, the more I appreciate Mr. Chuck Thompson's "Better Off Without 'Em: A Northern Manifesto for Southern Secession."

Same-Sex Marriage Foes Dig In on the State Level

What's a Movement Conservative?

I heard that phrase the other day.  I had not heard it before so I had to think about it for a while.  Then it came to me.  Movement conservatives are those Repubs who are so full of themselves they've even induced constipation in themselves.  Yep, movement conservatives are full of shit.  Oh, clear the john when they do dump, when she blows and it's cannon balls away!  Watch out for the over splash.  

What? Print me a pork chop?

Well, not quite, but if you made a slurry out of pork so it could be shaped it could be printed. Hold, McDonalds kinda does that with the McRibs.  Maybe you can print me fries and a shake too?  Print an eclair?  Print a donut?  Print some celery?  Well, maybe not.

Printed Food

He Wants It To Be Just As It "Was" in 1952

Priggish hypocritical white guy power, ah the good old days.  Yep, what can I say to Huckabee and those of his ilk?  Simple, just bugger off.

Mike Huckabee doesn’t like foul language. Especially from women.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

If there were no Johns...

Instead of putting the prostitutes in jail, we should incarcerate the pimps and the men who purchase sex, the Johns.  I'm all for putting their pictures in the local papers and on a website.  Maybe buying sex should be classified as a sex crime--get caught and you go on the state's perv list, forever.  It's like drugs, most of the money in prostitution comes from folks who can pay for it, not the poor and lower income groups.

The underworld of US sex trafficking

Ladies, What Say You?

Obama forced to defend Saudi Arabia cosiness after India tolerance speech

I guess oil trumps gender.

Coming Soon To A KFC Near You?

Wrap a big old slab of fried chicken abound a hot dog, squish on some cheese and voila--

The KFC Double Down Dog

What's the calorie count?

Too Good To Pass Up

I remain baffled by Sarah Palin's popularity amongst any group other than total dullards and drunks.  Here's what happens when the teleprompter breaks and she has to wing it--

Sarah Palin channels her inner slam poet

Watch Out The Investors Will Tank Us Again

Last time it was through sub-prime mortgages.  Greed heads securitized debt-mortgages and sold them as bonds to other greed heads.  As the demand for more bonds increased that increased the demand for more debt to turn into bonds. Lenders obliged by lowering lending standards to meet the demand for debt.  Bond rating agencies, for a fee, rated the mess AAA+.  Then it all collapsed in 2008.  And we, through our government bailed them all out.  No one was sent to jail.

Funny how these folks make money on those with lesser incomes.  Now the same turds are doing it again, but with sub-prime auto loans.  There oughta be a law, but there won't be since the investment firms have purchased Congress and the White House, how do you think 2008 occurred anyway?

Investment Riches Built on Subprime Auto Loans to Poor

Monday, January 26, 2015

Who's The Best for Trogs to Run Against Any Dem?

If a Repub wants to win in 2016 then there are three groups of voters that a candidate has to win over and get them to vote.

One has to consider the base (Trogs, drag knuckles, drool acid), Repubs (Trogs, drag knuckles) and Indies (closet Trogs) and pitch them a spiel they like, that is based on experience that attracts all three groups to the polls?  Who can do that?

Jebbiepoo, the Fat Guv and Willard aren't totally batshit crazy so there's no support from the base but they are okay with Repubs and Indies (who always vote Repub).  They are two thirds candidates. They would lose to any Dem.

Now we have to deal the crazies like Cruz, Paul, Santorum, Jindal and Huckabee.  The base loves them.  These guys willingly compete to see who can out crazy the other.  Their problem is that none of the other groups like them (that lowers turnout for both Repubs and Indies).  They are one third candidates.  None of the batshit crazy candidates can beat any Dem.  I think they'd even lose to a To Be Named Later opponent.

However, there is one person who is just crazy enough to stay this side of batshit wacky while at the same appealing to the basic politics of affluent white guys (Repubs and Indies who just want it to be like it was pre Civil Rights, Voting Rights and stuff like that).  Who's the guy?  He's Scott Walker.  He's a whole candidate.   I think he can win against some Democrats because he can turnout voters and turnout donors.

Dems better watch out.  Oh, Walker would beat Clinton, but he would not beat Elizabeth Warren.

Could Scott Walker be the elusive 2016 contender Republicans are looking for?

Why don't the super rich adopt average schools?

If you have spare millions, instead of spending it all on foundations that promote your name and causes you know little about but have decided to act upon how about something simpler?  Come on, how much does Bill Gates really know about health or education?  He does know how to make money selling software and running a profitable company, but that's it.

If he wanted to make serious long term positive change in the nation's future, he could adopt public schools. If every kid who graduates got a free college education he'd have an effect.  Gee, in the South rich white families might even decide to have their spawn attend public schools (greed is a real motivator).

If the rich returned their kids they'd demand better schools.  Could we revitalize public education without the Dept. of Education?  Okay Bill, give me a call.  I can give you the names of a few high schools in Virginia that could use some cash.  Let's do a test.

Hmm, could he provide long term endowment so schools could be less and less dependent on state and local government idiots?  Gee, could money silence the parents churchy stupidity?  Hmm, a free college ed for your brat provided you kept silent about evolution, man- made climate change, science and most other parts of the curriculum?  

If the rich would get out of politics and spend their money on useful things they could build a better nation.  Carnegie built libraries.  Why can't the rich emulate him?  Instead buying ads trashing Hillary Clinton or Mitt Romney, why not build schools or pay for college education?  Make a real difference if you dare.    

The Curse of Faith

I am one of those folks who do not see faith as a blessing, gift or anything positive.  Faith is a curse, the bane of humanity that has appeared over time via evolution that we see manifested in a god gene.  I think more and more of us have fewer and fewer instances god gene dominance.  Well I hope so.  Perhaps in the not to distant future faith will be more like the appendix.

Oh, want some evidence of the curse of faith?  Okay why is Willard going to run for Prez?  Yep, god wants him to.  He's still the Mormon white horse.   White horse?  Yeah it's a faithy prophecy about a Mormon saving the nation when it's in crisis or some shit like that.  See, faith is not good, period.

Romney’s Consideration of Candidacy Is Closely Tied to His Faith

Daddy Issues?

Who?  Why Rand Paul.  Who's his daddy?  Why he's that batshit crazy guy from Texas Ron Paul.  Ron speaks for all the bitter old white guys who didn't quite become rich, gain enough power, watched non-whites make gains and now have to accept that they'll never even play third fiddle in the modern world.  What's a successful loser to do?  Why piss, moan, and belittle everyone else in the name of liberty.  Why isn't Ron in charge?  Oh, that's easy, because he's not in charge.  Is his solution Secession?  Yep.  Now the question everyone has to ask about Rand is how far the bat shit from the tree when he pooped in out?

Are Ron Paul’s hard-core stands a problem for son’s presidential bid?

Barry Better Start Living Like Dork Cheney

Drones on the White House grounds!  Oh, my civilization will end if the Prez is zapped.  The Prez needs to call up Darth and have him reveal the locations that he hid in for years.   Odd that a drone might become the item that shuts our democracy down a bit more than we like, but what the hell as we continue to let the ends justify any means, it's appropriate.  Wow, Obama's legacy--the beginning of the end of the late great American Republic.  Of course someone will say it's for the greater good.

Device found on White House grounds but officials say it posed no threat