Saturday, February 7, 2015

Uh, they could have encrypted the data

Anthem got hacked.  80 million records, good for identity theft, were ripped off.  Anthem did not encrypt the data.  Why?  Oh, there's no standard.  There's no government requirement.  Hmm, companies only do the right thing when government mandates it?  I thought the market took care of this kind of crap.  Oops, now you know why we have regulation.  Regulation creates a baseline that stupid CEOS have to meet.  Government regulation actually helps companies too greedy to run a decent business.  Look, given the lack of IT security exposed over the past few years, it seems a rational business, interested in long and even short  term profitability, would, regardless of the law, encrypt every shred of customer data.

I wonder if Anthem pulled a Pinto.  Ford added up the cost of wrongful death lawsuits and compared that figure with the cost of fixing the Pinto (so it would not be a Molotov cocktail on wheels).  Ford chose to kill customers.  Did Anthem compare the cost of decent data security to the cost of customer data loss and opt to screw their customers?  I would not be surprised that they did.

Lack of encryption standard for health insurers raises questions about health care privacy

Pope Ooops?

Frank says it's okay to hit the kid.  His child abuse committee says,  "bullshit Frank."  Nice.  I wonder if he'll invoke infallibility?  Swatting, spanking, hitting, etc.  don't work.  If a parent gets to the point of inflicting pain, they have already screwed the parental pooch, so to speak.

Vatican sex abuse group contradicts Pope, says it's not OK to spank

Stating the obvious

If you want lower firearm death rates, then lower the number of guns in your area and establish strict  gun laws regulating the dolts who have to have a gun.

States with high gun ownership have more firearm deaths


I usually don't agree with George Will on much of anything.  Hell, if he said, the sun will rise tomorrow morning," I might be inclined to worry that the world would end between now than then.  However, every once in a while the putz makes a valid point.  Here's one I mostly agree with--

Education is the business of the states

I do wish the billionaires who invest in education would do it at the individual school level.  Take a couple of billion, find some shitty schools, invest in teachers and physical plant and them allow them to become good schools, without you, but with your money.

I think it's because they are not quite human

'It's never the science itself': why the right questions climate and vaccines

Have Fun

Popular Names

In your heart you know they do not want any change

Who?  Oh, the Trogs of Virginia.  They've been dragging their knuckles since 1605 opposing just about everything that interfered with their personal power and wealth.  That is the state's history.  Liberty is a code word in Virginia, it means, I got mine, I will get more, you won't, so fuck off and if you hang around, suck it up or die.

Change what?  Why, the old state song, "Carry Me Back To Old Virginia."  It was shelved in 1997.  However, Trogs, now in the majority,  still like the ring of "massah" and "darkey,"  but reluctantly have had to accept  racial intermarriage, civil rights for all (even blacks),  universal suffrage (until voter ID restores the old order, maybe even for women) and now gay rights (until the Supremes pull a Plessy v. Ferguson on gays and then the Trogs can have, maybe, Odd Crow laws).

Va. House panel picks a state song (and vote has partisan note, of course)

Can you bite yourself in the ass?

Hmm, I guess you can if your ego massively inflates your head.  I wonder how we could find out?  Oh, maybe Brian Williams can tell us.  Or was it more the case that he shoved his head up his ass?  At any rate, an ego is dangerous thing to let run amok, especially on camera, several times, over a number of years.  Will Jon Stewart cover this?

NBC probing Brian Williams’s reports on Iraq, Hurricane Katrina

The Shrub's Gift Keeps On Giving

If you thought Baghdad bombings were over, think again.  The Shrub re-built Iraq in his own image.  Man that's scary.  Come on, the guy paints piss poor pictures of himself in the tub.  Oh, Dork did have some input, but Iraq is 95% Dubya.

For example, the Shrub thought sectarian meant Iraq was full of secretaries and that exacerbate meant exuberance.  Enthusiastically promoting secretaries seemed like a good idea.  Yep his Iraq is dedicated to exacerbating sectarianism and after a bit of a hiatus the booms have returned.  Texas does strange things to humankind.

At least 32 killed in 3 bombings in Baghdad

Friday, February 6, 2015

We should follow Canada on this

Canada's highest court strikes down ban on doctor-assisted dying

I've long thought suicide should be legal.  For any reason.  At any age.  I wonder, if suicice were legalized and a painless method was used--you went to sleep and did not wake up-- how many in our population would opt out of life right now?  The answer to that question, and the demographics,  I think would provide a view of this nation that is not very pretty to a lot of folks just prouder than such of the good old USA.  Life sucks and we force you to endure?  Why?  For whose benefit?  Oops.

Well, now that you mention it,

Brian Williams does seem a lot like Ted Baxter.  Then again, who listens to TV news anymore anyway?  I assume the Networks prefer, similar to CNN, to deliver mostly newstainment than much else.  FOX and MSNBC on a 24/7 schedule deliver partisan screeds as "news."  Given content, how much difference is their between Sean Hannity  and Al Sharpton is there really?  Al Jazeera America is cratering (no one watched).  Hmm, TV has two hours of news--BBC America in the morning.  So who cares if Brian Baxter stays on the air or not?

You Gotta Love the Utah Legislature

Is it rape if you have sex with someone who is unconscious? What if she is your wife? This must be a guy issue, I have trouble seeing a woman having sex with an unconscious guy. I lived in Utah for years. I was not aware of this bit of Mormon sexuality, but come on, this is the land of Joe Smith and his very odd crew. Given that, out there, it easy to accept that it's a non-documented but common practice amongst the Saints.

Sex with Your Unconscious Spouse

And from the same guy who must be into sex with the unconsous, we're given proof that the theocracy we call Utah (it was going to be Deseret) lives on--

Utah GOP Lawmakers Seek To Swear To State Ahead Of U.S. Constitution

Rand Paul's Batshit Crazy

I wonder if a reporter will take a trip down memory lane and ask Mr. Paul about all the shit he's spewed at us in the past?  In your heart you know he meant every word and has not changed one iota.

Remember that 10 lane NAFTA highway?

Racist War Memorials?

If you thought white drinking fountains vs. colored drinking fountains captured the South, think again.  In the best Jim Crow tradition they even segregated war memorials.  Amazing new lows are discovered every day.

S.C. Mayor: Objection To Changing Segregated War Memorial May Be 'Racism Hiding Behind History'

Someone or someones had to design, approve, purchase, install and maintain the memorial for decades.  Who?  Why?  I wish the folks in S.C. had segregated waste disposal, they all need to be dumped in the white trash bin.

Who needs 'em? (see the book by Chuck Thompson.)

Frankly, Fuck 'Em

Who?  Why all those fine Trogs in the Senate.  Voters elected more of their ilk than Dems in 2014, so they are in charge.  As they blocked all things Obama and Democratic for so many years, the Dems have discovered it's real easy to pull a Nancy Reagan and "just say no."  I do hope the Dems persist.  Until there are more voters, unlike me and my counterparts in the GOP, it will be more of the gridlock we desire that defines how we govern oursleves.  Dear Dems, with respect to the GOP, fuck 'em for two more years.

Democrats Exercise ‘No’ Power in Senate to G.O.P.’s Dismay


Until the Arab states opt to get Islam out of government and politics, I will have to assume that in their hearts Arab Muslim men just want 'em young, barefoot, and preggers.  Hmm, that reminds of Jo Smith and the Mormons.  

Islamic State guide for female jihadis says women can marry from age nine

I wear glasses so I look smart

With or without the specs, he'll always be Gov. Oops.  The putz has a problem with facts.  I guess he's too used to dealing in truthiness.  After all, Texans are gulible when it comes to right wing anything, so their leaders keep dishing it up and Texans keep eating it.

Rick Perry’s claim that he boosted the Texas vaccination rate by nearly 50 percent

Can anyone really imagine a Prez Perry without chuckling?

I bet Gov. Terry Won't Run Agin Public Revenge

The only some Virginians, the true Southerners, love more than guns, dog fights, wife beating, tobacco, illiteracy, bigotry and a very aryan Jesus is capital punishment.  They're so proud of state based vengeance, one might think they're really Mormons mired in a theology of blood atonement.

However, modern tech has made killing messy and embarrassing.  To help the average Old Dominion out, their elected bozos are trying to put the killing process under a cloak of secrecy.  after all, who really needs to know anything.  Somehow I doubt that Jefferson, Madison,  Monroe or Washington would approve.  Oops, I forgot, one only hauls forefathers out when it's convenient for a particular cause, otherwise we ignore what they had to say.

Virginians think that when capital crimes are committed someone has to die.  Virginians just want dead cons, sooner rather than later.  Virginians just want vengeance.  Virginians just want bloodless death.  Virginians do not  want details.  They do not care or desire to know how cons have been, are or will be killed in the future.

Terry McAuliffe put in awkward spot on death penalty

If the process is hidden away could the state go back to the good olde days and get 'er done by beheading them?  I bet it can be done.

Obama Prays

Obama spoke at the prayer thing.  He didn't get all American Jesusy, therefore Trogs dissed him.  He didn't hype exceptionalism so that  proves he's evil I guess.  However, if one reads what Obama said and then reads the right's reaction, they more prove his point than not.  Oh, since it's the prayer thing, if you haven't. don't forget to read "The Family".  As always, we know that religious folks are twits, sometimes deadly, but always twits.

Critics pounce after Obama talks Crusades, slavery at prayer breakfast

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Do you vote in primary elections?

If you don't like the candidates that show up and win their respective nominations and do not vote, then you really should not even vote in the general election.  If, however, you do care about who runs and gets nominated and do not vote in primaries, then you need to see a shrink and not vote in the general election.  It's a small number of us that decide who wins nomination.  Are you one of them?

This is how few Americans are deciding who our presidential nominees are

It gets worse, the lack of voter participation, the further we get from the presidency.  Local elections? What are those.  As I've said many times.  At all levels of government, we have exactly what the voting majority wants, no more, no less.  Votes matter.  

When you have to fact check the fact checker you have a problem

And who has the problem?  Well, it's NBC news.  Maybe Brian Williams was actually auditioning for a gig on MSNBC when he exaggerated (that's lied) his way through his little bit of war story.  Oops, maybe he can go to Fox instead.  This kind of stuff does not spring from the fog of memory or much less war.  It's just one petty guy making himself look better than he is and what he never will be.

Brian Williams admits that his story of coming under fire while in Iraq was false

Oh, that's gotta hurt

Don't forget, Kerry ranked just below Dubya at Yale.  It think he was a D+ student.  Maybe the professorial class just cannot accept the poor guys attempts to be Secretary of State.  Last place, man that will leave a mark.

Scholars votes put Kerry last in terms of effectiveness

Trogs and 2016

Assuming the Dems do field Clinton, whom do the Trogs have to oppose her?  The list of realistic opponents keeps getting shorter and shorter.  Jeb Bush is just another Romney, but from Texas and Florida.  He's not and has never been middle class.  His program is rhetoric.  He thinks his words will garner votes from the 47% as he assures his peers of tax cuts.  The Dems will shred Jeb easier than they did that old vulture capitalist Willard.  Jeb is out for all practical purposes, he just doesn't know it yet.

Okay, then it must be Christe.  Well, it was before he opened his mouth and shoved both feet in.  He was flown to England by a rich donor.  We found out how much luxury the guy wallows in on a regular basis.  It's not pretty.  The trip was to establish his foreign policy creds.  There's not much difference between a trip to London and looking out the window and seeing Russia.  In a word, he's a Bozo from NJ instead of Alaska.

He might have salvaged his trip, but he shot his mouth off on vaccines in the face of the measles outbreak.  Yep, he pandered to the anti-vaccine crowd.  I assume he thought since he was in England, that no one in the USA was listening.  When his idiotic remarks were noticed he tried to say that what really meant was something else.  He's a boob on public health policy too.

Okay, back to foreign policy.  His trip was toatlly ruined by his own bloviation so he cancelled a couple of press conferences where he was going to show off his instant knowledge of all things European.  Damn, a reporter did manage to ask him a question.  Mr. Fat and Nasty snapped ugly at the guy.  All in all in one trip Chris Christie provided ample ammo to Dems, should the Trogs select Christie, to mock him all the way to a third term victory for the donkeys.  Besides, the normal Trogs of the party have probably walked away already.

Then we have the GOP long shot, Rand Paul.  Mr. Libertarian, as with Mr. Christie, opened his mouth and ended his chances.  These things are on tape and suitable for negative ads should Mr. Paul pull it off.  I doubt that he can.  He's proven he's too much of an odd fringe dweller for Repubs other than the extreme right.

For Rand Paul, a rude awakening to the rigors of a national campaign

Besides, if Mr. Paul cannot accept his own mistakes, admit them, and move on then he will do what every presidential loser has always done, blame the media and sink his own ship.  Mr. Paul, as with Mr. Christie seem to have more and more in common with each passing day with the GOP's most recent total fuck up, Sarah Palin. That comparison does not gain the nomination. Yep, the old lamestream media is what's wrong with everything.

Rand Paul has a victim complex

Do the Trogs have anyone who hasn't shot themselves in the foot?  Well, they do.  He's not Cruz, Rubio, Perry, Santorum or any of the other knuckle draggers that show up to sell books and make a few donated dollars.  No, the GOP has one shot, he's Scott Walker.  Everyone else will lose to Clinton and just about any other Dem that might be nominated.  Mr. Walker has a chance, absent foot in mouth disease to beat Ms. Clnton.


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Oh Horseshit!

Arabic Muslim outrage over the pilot burned alive?  Come on!  Sure, the dictators will round up their unemployed and have them rail at ISIS.  Do not much else.  Islam will remain the primary tool used to keep themselves in power and their people well subjugated.  It will be all Turban and no Camels so to speak.

Some of the outraged have been the ones bankrolling al Qaeda and ISIL for years.  We will have lots of noise and CNN will cover every sone of sound bleated by Arab tyrants.  Ever wonder why they hate the Jews?  It's simple, Israel makes for a non-Muslim foe which can be used to rally otherwise discontented folks who might turn on their masters.

Muslim outrage grows against Islamic State but questions linger over next steps in fight

Jeb Middle Class? Right, my ass!

Jebbie Poo wants to make a "right to rise" society.  Oh, horseshit, he's Willard spelled, J-E-B.  The guy is every bit a vulture capitalist as is Romney.  His idea of helping the middle class is to tell them they have the right to rise.  Therefore, if they fail, it's their own damn fault and the massively rigged game has nothing to do with failure.  I bet the plan requires tax cuts, gutting Obamacare, trashing Medicare, and turning Social Security over to Wall Street while troubling Defense spending and eliminating all finance and banking regulation.  The guy is a Trog.

Jeb Bush tries to shed brother's legacy in presidential push for middle class

The Vikings

Do you watch The Vikings on the History Channel?   If you do then you probably know that its third season starts on February 19th.  I enjoy the show and am ready for more Ragnar Lothbrok.  I must admit to having a fondness for Ragnar's first wife, the shield maiden Lagertha.  At any rate, knowing the series if soon to be on the air has had me thinking about Vikings, Nordic lands, early Briton, and of course Ragnarok.

After I read this piece, I had to post it.  Praise Odin and let's revisit a bit of the Nordic gods as we await the return of The Vikings.

Do you expect an Arab response?

A Jordanian pilot is burned to death by ISIS.  Jordan expresses anger.  Jordan says they will respond. Do you really expect a big Arabic tit for tat?  I do, but it's I am sure the response will be more akin to the UAE's than resemble a vigorous military action.

UAE halted Isis air attacks after pilot capture

Until the Arab world puts religion back in the Mosque and keeps it out of the public square,  the area will never advance beyond endless self inflicted death and destruction to themselves and their own as orchestrated by dictators who use religion to bolster their power and personal wealth.

The Interview--Conspiracy

I watched The Interview because it became controversial when 1.  N. Korea hacked Sony, 2. Sony  scrubbed the flick and 3.  it quickly became available to stream via Netflix.  I would not have gone to a theater to see it.  I would not have seen it via Netflix DVD.  I would not have streamed it if it had followed the normal flow of theater to DVD to premium cable to Netflix DVD, to Netflix streaming.  By then, I'd have long forgotten the film--most of Mr. Rogen's films are quite forgettable.

I do not know, had the film been released as planned, if it would had recovered its costs.  Perhaps the Korean hacking brouhaha was necessary.  If the bean counters at Sony had figured out that they would take a tens of millions bath on The Interview, might they have hired the N. Koreans to hack them?  Maybe, since so far they have not lost any money on the flick.

Sony finances unscathed by revenge hack for The Interview


Yep.  The House has voted to repeal Obamacare 56 times.  I wonder if that is what their constituents elected them to do?  Vote, go home and tell voters they voted.  Return to Washington.  Note that the Senate has not voted to do the same.  Schedule another vote.  Vote to repeal Obamacare.  Do it again and again.

If this typifies GOP  governance, then why do they have majorities in the House and Senate?  It's inane.  Damn I forgot about the congenital malformations which predetermine one to be a GOP voter.  Trogs cannot help themselves, it's in their genes.

  With latest Obamacare repeal vote, GOP sets ‘record’ for futility

He's like his Dad, small, mean, irrational and batshit crazy

I think most pols have pandered to the anti-vaccine crowd.  Even Obama waffled a bit back in 2008.  It's sad when our erstwhile leaders reject knowledge.  Oh, that's what Colbert was ripping when he came up with "truthiness."  Pols and truthiness go hand in hand because of donors and voters.  Both prefer to affirm and advance the truth of their gut feelings even in the face of knowledge to the country.  Truthiness is why a lesser man like Rand Paul has a shot at the GOP nomination.  The kind of people who vote in GOP primaries, as a fundamental principle, reject knowledge.  Mr. Paul panders to that rejection.  It's a tad easier for Mr. Paul than some other pols to pander since he has lived in a world of truthiness his entire life.

Rand Paul Linked to Doctors’ Group That Challenges Vaccinations

Speaking of gut feeling, how about the boob Chris Christie?  Yeah, he's adopted the Sarah Palin approach to establishing a foreign policy.  Ms.Palin developed her's by looking out her window at Russia.  Lacking such a convenient window, Mr.  Christie has developed Palinesque policy, but had to take a mini-faction to London.  Do Trogs really buy this shit?  Sadly I fear they do.  They are all fundamentalists--they do not value or desire any education other than what is in the Bible.

For Christie, a trip to boost foreign policy portfolio has little talk of foreign policy

He does prefer to have rich friends haul his fat ass around the world (would commercial airlines make him buy two tickets as a time for himself?)

Chris Christie’s Rich Friendships

A Bit of Perspective

Let's see, Saudi Princes are to al Qaeda as the Koch Brothers are to Right Wing Extremists (GOP).  Sounds about right.  Yeah, rich pricks and their money.  Gee, what is the Princes built schools, hospitals and worked for democracy and equal rights of all.  I guess we could say the same about our rich pricks.  The world would be better off without them.

Moussaoui Calls Saudi Princes Patrons of Al Qaeda

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

This is hard to believe

What?  Oh, that Mississippi leads the nation in something of positive value. Mississippi – yes, Mississippi – has the nation’s best child vaccination rate.

Of course they make up for that number one slot in too many other ways.

Darwin's Right--If it ain't broke don't fix it.

If there is no change in the environment, then there will be no change in life.

By not evolving, deep sea microbes may prove Darwin right

The GOP is blessed with morons

This time it's Rand Paul.  He pandered to the liberty kooks by implying that vaccines cause mental problems and now he's pulling a Clinton (meanig of is/is).  The man is not ready for the lease on Air Force One.  For that matter he's really not ready for the Senate, but that is Kentucky's problem.  Does the GOP have a single honest pol?

Rand Paul Really Wants You to Know He's Pro-Vaccine

Chris Christie Again Shows He Does Not Have The Right Stuff

Aw, he wallows in it then cannot put up with questions.  I'd say it's a case of open mouth insert foot, but his foot is too fat for his nasty mouth, besides he can't even see his toes.  People like this kind of behavior?  It's a tad uncivilized, but then again he is from New Jersey.

Christie To Reporter: ‘Is There Something You Don’t Understand About, ‘No Questions’?’

The GOP Is Idiot Rich

Think not?  Well, read this and imagine a world run by Rep. Tillis.  I will stay out of his State, they elected the moron and may be quietly running their restaurants any ole way they wish (signs be damned).

Senator says restaurant employees shouldn’t be required to wash their hands

Here's The High Point of Arabic Culture Since 1450!

It is so very Arabic--Isis video purports to show Jordanian hostage being burned to death

Yep, a Caliphate must be so really grand.   For the most part the Arab world lurks and lingers, absent the former world conquest, in the 8th and 9th centuries.   Yes, centuries of failure is so very hard to take, it leads to bitter sands.

I guess obesity requires special handling

Chris Christe has shown the world that he does not know much about public health and vaccines.  However, he really knows luxury.  He knows how to live in luxury, but at other people's expense.  Does anyone think that if he was not a pol anyone would spend a cent on him?  He's fundamentally dishonest--it's called selling government to the highest bidder.  I hope the GOP nominates him, he'll be easier than Bush to beat.

You do know that Orrin Hatch is responsible for this don't you?

Let's hear it for supplements, they can do nothing except make you ill or perhaps kill you.  I bet the anti-vaxxer crowd (limousine liberal faction) take supplements.

New York Attorney General Targets Supplements at Major Retailers

And you thought Kansas was bad--

Well, you better take a peek at Iowa.  Kansas is bad, but Iowa is catching up.  Perhaps Iowa now plumbs depths of human imbecility unreached even by the most diehard Kansan Sam Brownbackian.  Who has exposed the vile pink eye of the Hawkeyes?  Why, none other than the guy who knows Jesus is on his side, and his side alone, Mike Huckabee.  Mike trashed Beyonce, she's mental poison. I guess he is not a fan of her music.  The lyrics make him want to burn people at the stake, but since he can't get away with that, he'll belittle, berate, and denigrate her and he husband.   In a recent poll of Iowans, 40 percent of likely Iowa GOP caucus voters agree with Mike and say Beyonce is ‘mental poison’.

I guess Huckamuck doesn't understand.  Every generation takes to music that really pisses off their parents and grandparents.  Of course, the adults tell their kids that they are wrong headed sinners headed staring to hell unless they imitate, emulate, ape and totally obey their elders.  Imagine if we had done so all along.  Then some of us would be living in Mesopotamia, worshiping (the guys) at the sacred Ziggurat by banging Temple priestesses (it was part of their devotion I guess).  Oh, most of us outgrow the pop music of your youth, a lot of it was really bad, and move on to other music.

Vaccines and Trogs

I expect the knuckle-dragging crowd to see vaccines as an individual liberty matter rather than about public health.  If we followed the logic of Rand Paul, Chris Christe and most of the GOP panderers, then imagine back when small pox was still killing people, that if we followed their logic, we'd have never been able to eradicate the disease.  We eradicated small pox (and dead kids) by vaccinating everybody, period.  No one complained about infringement of parental rights.

Ditto when the Salk vaccine for polio came out.  Parents and their kids welcomed the vaccine.  I remember the polio fear that emerged every Summer.  Have you ever seen an iron lung?  Vaccines work, they do not cause autism or mental retardation.

Science, which is our best and most reliable knowledge, shows that vaccines work and are a necessary part of a sound public health policy.  Perhaps the anti-vaxxers would prefer that we all go it alone in other public health areas, say clean water and sanitary sewage disposal.  Stupid is stupid, anti-vaxxers and the pols who pander to them have shown us they are stupid, hence not qualified for the presidency.

I could have done without all those childhood diseases.  They did not make be better.  They made me sick and occasionally very sick.  I lived.  I wish I had been able to have the vaccines developed later than when I was a child.

Vaccination debate flares in GOP presidential race, alarming medical experts


Between a house guest and the Super Bowl, it's been a few days or so since I last posted anything.   For the few folks who read this blog, I'll post those items in the news that seem relevant to me and hopefully you the reader.  I will try to write more original pieces rather than being another aggregator, but there is so much to aggregate about.