Saturday, February 14, 2015

We're making the ocean just one more cesspool

Here’s how much plastic enters the ocean each year

Obama Word Bubble Chart

Obama in a Word: ‘Good,’ ‘Incompetent’

I'm surprised

I wonder why our anti-vaxxers haven't Talibanized themselves and begun killing doctors and nurses in the name of liberty (no vaccines).  What's wrong with a case of polio now and then?  Given enough mindless obsession with individual liberty and hard work,  we can make this nation into a shithole like Pakistan.

Polio Team in Pakistan Is Attacked

Did you think ISIS would end by bombing?

If so, then dream on.

Islamic State Sprouting Limbs Beyond Mideast

Will Obama bag the Overseas Contingency Opetation reference and return to the Shrub's more appropriate Global War on Terror?

I thought the problem was Arabs and Islam

Perhaps there is problem in Islam, not the jihad terrorist thing, but the sectarian hate thing.  Christians went through a long periods of mutual deadly hate after Constantine put the Church on a sound political and financial footing and then after Martin Luther nailed his feces to Wittenburg gate.

Once the Protestants became a competitor with the Pope for money and power, the godly hell dogs  of hate were unleashed.  There was a lot of death and destruction.  I'm not sure when the Christians quit killing each other off, hell, let's just say it was after WWII.  Since then, religion, at least if Christian, has not been that acceptable as a reason for committing crimes.

Okay, the Christians have been at it longer than the Muslims.  Maybe by 2600, they'll quit killing each other off for the same god.  Until then, Islam is just one big kaboom, not terrorist necessarily, but reeking of sectarian mortality.

In Pakistan, one Islamic group kills the other Islamic group.  I was just wondering, if in Islam, the future belongs to god so we're not supposed to do a lot of planning and such since that would be kind of uppity, god-wise that is.  Okay, if we're supposed to take it all one day at a time, how can suicide bombings be tolerated by any Muslim at all?  That seems to be a bit heretical and quite offensive to god.  I guess the theology is kind of squishy.

Suicide bombers storm Shiite mosque in Pakistan during Friday prayers

You expected otherwise?

Other than Europe and Japan where has the U.S. repaired the damages of war and made life better for the loons who either bought into Aryan bullshit or emperor worship?   Since then, we've warred but haven't fixed much at all.  Since then our efforts at war then peace lead to more altercations.

As we ended Iraq, since we had not fixed our mess, we would be naive to not expect a return.  We've returned.  Small today, but wait until tomorrow.  Similarly in Afghanistan.  We're kind of ending our war, but not much has changed much less been fixed.  The rubble is still in situ as the old players being to play king of the rock pile once again.

As the U.S. mission winds down, Afghan insurgency grows more complex

If Jeb Bush Was a Female...

I think we'd be calling Jeb a whore or something along those lines.  He's paid in advance for services to be rendered privately.  If elected, he will deliver the assorted political hand jobs and patriotic blow jobs.  I guess our politics really has become a game of who is the highest priced hooker on the stump.

Damn Obama and Romney graduated from from being street whores to full fledged call girls in 2012.  How much of any administration is pre-determined by the large donors?  How much of an administration is pre-determined by the candidate who is silent about his real agenda (but does inform donors of such)?  Perhaps who donates tells us more about the real agenda rather than cool bullshit speeches.  Actually Obama's speeches were not bullshit, they were lies since he knew that he would not perform per his spoken words.

I guess the only reason Ms. Clinton is not pasted as the biggest whore in the Democratic Party is if the GOP did so their logic would then compel them to admit Jeb is also a whore,  Oh, well, politics is replete with trashy people.

  Bush blows away GOP rivals with 2016 war chest

Friday, February 13, 2015


After six years of fucking up the Democratic Senate, Mr. Turtleman (Mitch McConnell) is in a bind.  Neither party really gives a shit about governance and certainly none of the incumbents give a rats ass  about anything but their own reelection or advancement.  Why do we reatain these parties and these people?

At any rate, ramp of the fear, the bad guys will crash the gates and no one will stop them unless Obama's immigration executive actions aren't funded.  We are blessed with 535 certified morons.

McConnell, after his no-shutdowns pledge, quickly finds himself boxed in

We're back in Mess in Potamia

We have troops in Iraq.  They are there to redo what the prior set of troops failed to do, namely, create an Iraqi army that does not flee in the face of a charging camel gnat.  ISIL has perhaps decided to push the bellicosity envelope a tad.  They are attacking near where a few hundred Marines and Iraqi military are based.  What happens if the Iraqi Army flees?  What happens if the Marines get surrounded?  Will Obama act?  What happens if the Marines get killed or captured and beheaded?  Will Congress act?  If Congress acts would they tax us or put it on the Visa card?  It's been messy since 2003, but what did you expect from a game plan dreamed up by a Shrub.

Islamic State tries to attack base where hundreds of U.S. troops are stationed

Give that man a Brian Williams Wannabe Award!

Rand Paul’s claim — twice in one day — that he has a biology degree

Do you prefer male pols who cannot keep their pants zipped or male pols who make a fetish of inserting their foot in their mouth?  Do both of these male political bozo categories also exist for female political bozos?

Another Reason To Be Glad I Wasn't Born Today!

Trogs, due to odd notions about god, government, and capitalism cannot cope with the idea that we have put so much shit in our nest that it becoming a stinking global septic tank.  Ever try to live in a septic tank full of shit?  In 50 years the earth will not support eight or nine billion people.  In 50 years I will have been long dead.  To the man-made climate change deniers, I hope Jesus saves your ass, because no one else will be able to.  Now that's a legacy for the grandkids who will never be born ain't it.

A ‘megadrought’ will grip U.S. in the coming decades, NASA researchers say

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

When it comes to diet and health

Fat is not the root of all evil but a ‘whole diet’ approach is best

Defenders of Liberty

I bet these patriots took every bribe to defend our freedoms.  I am so tired of our knee jerk adulation of all things military, aren't you?

US navy censures three admirals over 'Fat Leonard' bribery scandal

Oops in 2016 land

Money and power go hand in hand.  Politics is way to both.  Along the way, off course, a major concern is always whose hands will be able to tap the till and possibly gain power.  Unless the Dems bag Clinton, expect more bullshit that will sink her election--she lost a nomination for similar reasons.  It appears it may well go the same in 2016.

Emerging Hillary Clinton Team Shows Signs of Disquiet

And in Trog land, Jebbie Poo has run into a little problem.

Bush’s 2016 Tech Officer Ousted Over Offensive Remarks

It's nice to see the leaders provide such dynamic hands on leadership.  Does any ordinary person really want either of these two retreads?

War News -- Domestic Participation Front

We thought we were going to bag it and come home from greater and lesser Rubbleistan.  Well, make that a string kinda and a firm sorta, bag it.  Yep, we've gonna make us another Korea.  Can we even have a truce in a Global War On Terror Overseas Contingency Operation Afghanistan (whatever it's called)? We're never going to leave.

White House weighs adjusting Afghan exit plan to slow withdrawal of troops

At least we left Iraq, right?  Well, bless my IS, ISIL, ISIS or whatever it goes by today, make that a yes and no response.  Yes we left, but since we're back, no.  Yep, ISIS may be the way we spell IRAQ for a long time.  Here's another place we're never going to leave.

Obama makes formal request for war authorization against Islamic State

Funny if we hang around long enough local folks quit being bitchy, settle down, make some money and in the process become dependent on local U.S. military expenditures as part of their GDP.   Does anyone really think we're ever going to be gone, gone from anywhere around the globe?  Why not just convert the military bases into places where we buy stuff?  We don't have to do anything with the stuff.  We could burn it all in place and save on transportation.  I bet we'd wind up spending less on Defense.


Do we really need Little League?

Oh, about as much as we need Football.  In other words not much at all.  At least Little League has shown us they've learned how to emulate the pros.

Jackie Robinson West Little League World Series team stripped of U.S. title

I wonder what athletes were their "role" models?  Have they been paroled yet?  Oops could you pass that ball inflation needle....

Another Trog Spews Bullshit

Who?  Oh, that guy Jindal.  On what?  On education spending in Louisiana.  He says it's up, the fact checker says, "give that man three Pinocchios."  I wonder how Mr. Jindal lies  spins the $1.6 billion in debt the state has amassed under his tax cutting leadership?  Damn, now I understand why the GOP is so anti-abortion.  They know they will need every baby possible to become a future taxpayer who will have to pay for today's tax cuts.  Oh, don't forget, when you charge war and defense someone has to pay, so it's obvious, no abortion, and bless the unborn taxpayer.

Jindal’s claim that Louisiana’s higher education budget is ‘slightly higher’

TV News

Whens the last time you felt you were more informed about the world after watching CBS, ABC, NBC or Fox nightly news broadcast?  I'm not sure if Fox stations have their own news program on not.  Or have you felt more as though you spent thirty minutes viewing an upgraded "Inside Edition?"

Okay, they're not what they once were.  The news shows compete for audience and ad revenue just like every other show on their networks.  It really shows.  Perhaps paying news readers less--is Brian Williams really worth $10 million a year--and hire reporters.  I'm sure there are people who will read and report for a lot less than the current salaries. Oops, paying the rich less might catch on and we cannot have that now can we.

If the networks fail at news, we still have cable don't we?  Well, FOX concentrates on one message,  "Obama sucks."  MSNBC exists to retort "no he doesn't, bite me."  Will you miss Jon Stewart?   At least he pointed out the increasing failure of cable news.  Oh, god, that means CNN just precedes FOX and MSNBC alphabetically.  CNN tries, but they've decided to pursue shareholder value over the news.

As a result, CNN will present news unless there is a tabloid story that can 95% of every coverage hour.  Hey, five minutes of news is not bad, but 55 minutes of coverage on the latest plane that plopped into the ocean, massive snowstorm in Boston, or as was yesterday the aid worker to be confirmed dead somewhere in the Middle morass.

For example, after watched the BBC news (I recorded it on my DVR). I switched to CNN, thinking there might be some national news of interest.  I caught about two minutes of news then CNN went into full bore Kayla Meuller is dead coverage.  I switched over to Al Jazeera America.  For the hell of it, every time a story in Al Jazeera ended I switched back to CNN.  Yep, still covering Kayla.  Oh, Al Jazeera did inform us of Ms. Mueller's death--it was summed up in about a minute and a half.

This morning, I thought CNN would do news.  About 9:00 I finished the BBC recording, tuned to CNN, as Carol Costello was reading her copy to us.  It sounded as thought a full hour of news was forthcoming.  Then she said something like, 'but, first."  And they were off into intense coverage of Brian Williams.  I went to Al Jazeera.

I do wish Dish provided the British BBC channel, I assume it's mostly news.  Al Jazeera hasn't quite settled in, they blew their American morning shows--I think they tried to copy the crap on CNN, FOX, MSNBC and the network happy, happy morning shows.  Al Jazeera is better than the American shows, but not quite as good as the BBC (maybe I have a bias, not sure).

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Even In Vermont

Gun culture is odd.  It's even in Vermont.  I guess Vermont has have pols who have been purchased by the gun manufacturers sales agent, the NRA.  Guns don't kill people, people kill people, so let's keep guns out of the hands of people who might kill people.  My guess is if one opposes modest gun control such as that proposed in Vermont, then one really is a killer, directly or indirectly, waiting to shoot.

Vermont measure to tighten state gun controls faces strong opposition

Here's a Diff Between Clinton and Warren

Ms. Warren wants to go after the bums.

US prosecutors weigh criminal charges against HSBC as Elizabeth Warren turns up the heat Ms.

Clinton accepts their tax avoided donations.

Clinton foundation received up to $81m from clients of controversial HSBC bank

Does any expect Ms. Clinton to pursue the tax cheats?  Nah, she need their cash to be anointed.

Without the Feds, This South Would Surely Revert to Bed Sheets and Savagery

Do you really think it's changed that much?  I for one do not.  Left to their own devices those born and bred throughout the new Confederacy would return to their good old ways.  Just listen to them today on just about any issue, say gay marriage for example.

Here's the story--History of Lynchings in the South Documents Nearly 4,000 Names

Did Rich Saudis Fund al Qaeda?

Of course they did, they use fundamentalist Islam to keep their family in charge, in the oil, and in the money.  I'm surprised the lawsuit is still going on.  I figured the House of Saud had bought off most of the U.S. government--at least the Judiciary and Executive Branches.  Oops.

Oh, before we get all huffy about the bums, try to remember who initially armed al Qaeda (see Charlie Wilson's War for a a clue).  Being rich, nation or individuals. just means that you have a lot of money to do a lot of things, some of which will be really stupid, but who cares since you are rich and can usually cover your ass with velvet.

Terrorist’s Claims About Saudis Put 9/11 Families’ Lawsuit Back in Spotlight

Shitting In Our Own Nest: Monarch Butterfly Extinction

The monarch massacre: Nearly a billion butterflies have vanished

The more you know!

As time marches on and scientists do more research, they learn a bit more.  In this case it's about cholesterol.  What have they learned?  Well, for the most part belay all that stuff they told us for the last 20-30 years.   Why did we start taking statins?  Oh, yeah to lower the cholesterol level.  Oops, all that did was make some drug company rich.  Oh, cholesterol may off the worry list, but the Docs and Big Drugs still have "good" and "bad" cholesterol with which to instill dietary fear and insure continued statin sales.  I wonder if the good and bad guys will go by the board in another 20 years?

I wonder it the application of incomplete knowledge was driven more by concerns for health or the wallet.  I have a feeling the wallet tipped the scale.

It seems to me the best approach to health is moderation and balance.  Eat a modest but varied diet.  Don't smoke and be temperate with the wine and booze.  Oh, don't forget to move around a bit too.

The U.S. government is poised to withdraw longstanding warnings about cholesterol in your diet

Clinton? Nah, there's gotta be someone else.

I do not want to see Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee.  Her history and age are against her.  Elizabeth Warren seems preferable, but she's a one issue candidate, Wall St.  She, similar to Ms. Clinton, more resembles the GOP circa 1955 than Democrats of that era.  Neither is really a liberal Democrat.  Oh, Ms. Warren is also too old for the job.  I do hope the Dems find someone other than these two.  Why not Sherrod Brown?  The idea of a Clinton vs. Bush race makes me want to gag and heave.

Democrats suffering from Clinton fatigue say they’re ready for Warren

They Never Quit

For so many of the folks in Alabama, in their hearts they know it is still 1850.  What they say today about gays is quite reminiscent of what they have said over the decades about blacks in general and marriage between blacks and whites not to mention non-christians and other ethnicities.   As with most states in the New Confederacy about the only good thing one can say about Alabama is that it is good to not live there.

Judicial defiance in Alabama: Same-sex marriages begin, but most counties refuse

Monday, February 9, 2015


Do you think being 1/736,000th of a person is reasonable?  That's what we all are when it comes to Congress.  Each District, crudely, contains 736,000 people.  Do you think that is a reasonable proportion?  Do you think that is representation?  Back in 1787, the founders thought that each District should contain, at most, about 40,000 people.

A Congress that sets representation at one Rep per 60,000 people would then yield 5,333 members in the House.  I think our technology can cope with this large a body.  I think we would all be better served by a House this size.  

Hmm, I think we ought to triple the size of the Senate.  

The Revolution is over.

I  wonder what the Cubans will think of "House of Cards?"

Netflix launches in Cuba

Granted it's a small proportion of Cubans who have access to the Internet, but economic necessity will require growth.  The measure of Cuba will be how it deals with the Internet--like China or like the U.S.  We'll see, but Cuba will change.  have you compared China 2015 to China 1995 lately.  They are still Chi-comms, but they are capitalists.  Oops, the market wasn't supposed to let that occur now was it?

The Walls Have Ears

Apparetly they do, if the wall has a Samsung TV hanging on it.

Be Careful What You Say Around Your Samsung Smart TV

Would you have loved to have had one of theses sets having in Darth's Cheney's lair?

Rubbleistan is confusing

As we, the spreaders of liberty an such, leave the rubble pile, we've turned our drones over to the Afghans.  Well, maybe we just let them fire the missiles.  After all, 12,000 or so troops will linger for decades.  We all know the good Afghans have an enemy, the bad Afghans, the Taliban.  And now the Taliban has competition for the hearts and minds of potential jihadis.  How will they keep the kids down on the poppy farm with all those spiffy black flags and cool ninja outfits?  Yep, the Islamic State crowd is now in Helmand.  Oops, the good Afghans got wind of ISIL and helped the bad Afghans out--


When's the last time you used a paper map?

Does anyone still use physical maps?  I don't.  Why?  Well, it's all because of Google Maps.   I can not only see my route from point A to point B, I can drive sections of it on my PC.  I can print the directions--even the mileage estimates are very accurate.  When did this Internet map stuff appear and take over?

Google Maps: a decade of transforming the mapping landscape

Categorical Results

Whenever I see or hear bullshit such as "the the government that governs least, governs best" I chuckle.  There is so much in that line that has to be defined before one could establish the truth of that statement.  Too many folks love to make categorical statements like that.  It's the truthiness appeal.  Can you imagine what the results might be if it was actually implemented?

Well, here's an example of what happens when, in reaction to a well publicized negative event, a pol makes a very stringent,  but corrective rule.  When there's not any thought, one obtains expected results.  Welcome to one more case of Obama's team shooting, then drawing and aiming.

What happened with the GSA in Vegas stymies federal workers


Iowa's only value is that it provides the rest of the nation with political humor.  Want a laugh? Ready?  Here goes--Steve King!  Okay, you had time to roar, get up off the Grassley.  I feared that the zoo phobic RNC was going to control the Iowa caucus process.  After all, 2012 was so much fun.  It provided a lot of laughs and loopy ideas.  Will the process leading up to the 2016 caucus be as good at 2012 or has the RNC closed the zoo?  Fear not, even without Michelle Bachman, we'll move from chuckles to guffaws to abundant belly laughs.

Make no oops about it, you can bet your 9-9-9 on a political laugh riot season.  Even the stodgiest of Troggy  pols will join their fellow loons for one delightful run for the four year lease on Air Force One.
In Iowa, Republican field wide open as moderates stake their caucus claims


On the NYT front page I saw this headline "Judicial Chaos in Alabama..." I understand the words chaos, know of Alabama, and am familiar with the judicial references. However, I did not realize that the three words could be used as they were. Alabama has a judicial system? Since when?  Gee, would it not, by definition have to always be in turmoil? And I thought they just had bed-sheeted BillyBobs with Bibles pushing folks around. Well, the state has changed, I guess.

Same-Sex Marriages Proceed in Alabama as State Judge’s Order Is Defied

Islamic Arab Party On!

How do those rather odd people celebrate life?  Why, by trying to kill anyone who disagrees with their particular religious beliefs.  I bet our domestic fundamentalists and evangelicals are envious.  As usual, religion is used for mostly non-ethological purposes (otherwise we'd hardly know it exists).

Attacks Are Said to Kill at Least 22 in Baghdad

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Do you care if Brian Williams Comes Back or Stays Off the Air?

Compared to Fox, MSNBC and increasingly so CNN, NBC and Williams' Nightly New show have at least another few hundred more lies, misstatements, and sophistries before he would have to be fired. At the rate we're going, it will soon be the case that for any bit of televised news, one should find a print source, not Internet,  to verify what was put on the air and judge its truth value.  TV, the Internet, and truthiness are so intertwined.

Why on earth is Brian Williams retreating?

Uh, it's really all about the money, business profits that is.

What is?  Rap, that's what.  It has been so for a very long time (about two weeks after a rap song sold well on the general market).  Rap, and its derivatives,  is a musical genre that kids take to, it pisses off their parents. If kids have money and will buy music, then expect a genre to become dominated by very corporate culture and expect the Grammy Awards to extol corporate taste.

I do not listen to rap, hip-hop or much of current popular music.  It's an age thing.  My preference in vocals go towards Katherine Jenkins and Vera Lynn.  However, I do follow enough news to be surprised that Iggy Azalea is the expected big Rap Grammy winner this year.  Odd, but sometimes I forget to smell for green, it usually explains about 95% of what passes for life in the USA these days.

White echoes: Rap, race and Iggy Azalea

Oh the Grammy "Awards" are tonight--Grammy Awards 2015

There's something about our gun culture

We seem to take it in stride when someone shoots up a theater, mall or school.  We're sorry about the event and of course the deaths, but we accept those deaths as an acceptable cost of the Second Amendment.  I think, that as guns pervade out society, guns become increasingly so how marginal people resolve their issues.   I guess guns are cheaper than shrinks.  I wonder if the shooters feel better before they typically kill themselves as their last bit of self-treatment?

I am waiting for the day when a shooter starts to rain fire down in a mall and two hundred and sixteen armed citizens return fire.   Perhaps our culture will change if we see a mortal score such as one dead shooter, three victims killed by the shooter, and forty eight others killed by "defenders" of the mall with at least one hundred twenty seven injured by the fusillade of bullets.  It won't happen but I fear it will take a real circular firing squat  that that might remove guns from, at least, our non-criminal  culture.  Crime and guns is another matter for another post.

Teen arrested in mall shooting; only 1 of 3 victims targeted