Friday, March 20, 2015


I was not quite ready for this one.  When I read the piece, I expected thot to be black slang for thought.  Well, it's black slang, but...

I had a thot but didn’t know it was a thing

After reading the piece, I did feel, for have a moment, a bit of linguistic sadness.

Psst Sam! It's Not All That New!

The improbable, 200-year-old story of one of America’s first same-sex ‘marriages’

By the way it's not marriage that is the building block of society, it's the Family.

From Ped to Priest

That's as in -ophile.  The Catholic Church is rife with male pervs, they call them priests.  I haven't seen any nun pervs yet, but I'm confident they are there.    The Pope won't or can't clean the mess up.  If he did there, I bet there would not be all that many priests left.  That might be a plus for children.

Hmm, what kind of person becomes a priest anyway?  Hell, some them, having had their fill of little boys, then want big boys as toys.  Pope Frank won't even rid the Church of a priestophile.  Why does anyone has anything to do with that Church these days?

Cardinal steps down over sexual impropriety allegations, a first since 1927

If you have the faith disease, I'm sure "god" will accept you, whatever your faithful flavor may be.