Friday, August 7, 2015

Any Polls?

How many Americans, legal or otherwise, are all that fretful, concerned or worried about Iran and the bomb or ISIS and the Caliphate?  I kind of figure that most of nation does not even know about either and therefore does not give a rats.  How small a percentage really, truly care about either? Would you enlist in the Army to go to war with Iran or invade Syria to kill ISISians?  Who would?


Given the nature of Mr. Trumps bombast, buffoonary and fact aversiveness, should coverage of his "candidacy" be carried in the cartoon section of the newspaper?

Daily Show

It's over.  Alas, no more Jon Stewart.  I hope all saw his last show.  He left us with a serious riff on Bullshit.  How are we to persist and keep our heads on straight in face of a worldwide tsunami  of BS?  He parting words of advice:

I never did quite understand the Arby's thing.  Here's an explanation, kind of, sort of:

How Arby’s came to embrace Jon Stewart’s jabs — and even create a sandwich in his honor

Last Nights Two Part Trogoff

I watched Part I, the Happy Hour "Debate."  It's not a debate but we don't seem to have found the appropriate descriptor yet.  It was mostly a yawn.  However, I can praise Mr. Pataki, Mr. Gilmore, Mr. Jindal, and Mr. Santorum ( he'll always be frothy) for showing TRogs and the rest of us that they are not viable candidates at all.  If any of these five persist, it's solely due to lunatics with money who enjoy playing political jokes on the nation.   They were abysmal if not worse.

The highlight of the 5 o'clock BSathon was Ms. Florina.  She demonstrated that she has what it takes to drag-knuckles, drool copiously and compete with the guys who showed up at 9 pm.  I hope she does better in the polls and makes the cut for the next installment of  the GOP Spleenfest in September.    Oh, Mr. Rick, the Oops, Perry should advance too.  He didn't screw up.  His glasses do make him look smarter than four years ago.  Five should crash and burn.  Two should advance.

I started to watch Part II, the 9pm festival of Gloom Over People.  It began with Trump being a Trumpaffoon.   I watched until a severe storm came in.  Then I lost the debate.  Satellite does not do well in dense cloud cover.  When the storm passed, the debate had as well. I then set the DVR to record a re-run.  It did.  I watched the debate this morning.  The conservative clowns did not let me down.  They performed as expected.   I do not understand how they all say what they say, but they do.  Their BS appeals to someone.  I wonder what their statements say, in turn, about the traits and characteristics of the GOP voters who will select the nominee in primaries, caucuses and conventions.   I need some Pepto.

Back to the 5pm thing.  If two advance, it would make twelve on stage at one time.  That's way too many Trogs in a row or any configuration other than a circular firing squad for anyone to manage much less digest.  Hmm, who should we thank off the next stage due to last night's blather Part II?

Obviously, they will all, regardless of any merit or lack thereof and given a personal billionaire here and there, hang around forever.  Who showed us they really ought not be seen or heard from again?  First, Mr. Paul needs to leave the GOP.  Either become a Libertarian or drop out.  Mr. Cruz, is just nucking futs and evil too boot.  He can go back to the land of his birth, Canada.  No one would miss him at all.  Then there's the Jesus jockey, Huckabee.  He may be okay in the pulpit or on FOX, but he's never going to any further, so he needs to, with an unborn baby in each hand,  exit the race now.

Mr. Carsen ought to go back to what he knows, neurosurgery.  He showed us that he has few other skills.  His absence would be unnoticed.  Ditto for Mr. Walker and Mr. Christie who showed us they had an idea about themselves whose time has come and gone.  I think voters in Wisconsin and New Jersey want them to run that way they'll leave their respective state's governance alone and hopefully never return home again.

That leaves us with the three "winners."  Put them in any order you'd like, but Rubio, Kasich, and Bush were okay.  Then again, the others were so bad, these guys had to look good.  Of course Trump will go on, he's self financed.  He will to get free press until the media quit allowing themselves to be used.  If the media do wise up, then I doubt of Mr. Trump will spend a several hundred million of his own money on himself and he will join the other losers.

Ideally the September Trogoff should be Rubio, Bush, Kasich, Fiorina, and Perry with a dash of Trumpwings

Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Price of Anointment

I guess she must fear debates and folks getting to know her, again.  I have a feeling her team and the DNC set the schedule and the rules.  I couldn't see her lasting in 15-20 debates against Sanders or O'malley for that matter.

  Clinton's Rivals Protest as Democrats Set Dates for Six Presidential Debates

Gun Control?

I know guns don't kill, people do, but maybe it's time to deal with armed idiots by making it hard for anyone to own a handgun.

Detroit Boy, 11, Charged With Manslaughter in Shooting of 3-Year-Old


Okay, the losers debate.  It's the one at 5:00 pm.  Not one of them will make it all the way.  None will be the Trog nominee.   So why are they running for Prez?  Well, answer three questions and you will know why?  Who will get a cabinet slot if the Trog wins in 2016?  Who will get book deals?  Who will get show on FOX?  Oh, one other question, what about the cash from any losers super Pacs?

Now the Trumpaganz at 9:00 pm.  Who will make it all the way?  I'd like to say none of them, but I cannot.  One of the ten knuckle draggers will become the GOP nominee.   Who wins tonight may determine the final outcome.  If trump wins, and I mean wins on style and substance, then he will become the GOP's nominee. If Trump loses who knows.

Tune in, get your  Bourbon and shot glass, pick a word and enjoy the clown show.

Did we have to nuke 'em?

As time gives us a better perspective on our use of the bomb on two Japanese cities, how do you now answer the question, Did U.S. Have to Drop Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

I have a feeling that at the time it made sense, but war time sense usually turns out to be very flawed, with more and more decisions made by the many brevetted to beyond the level of their incompetence.  We praise warriors lest we admit to deep sadness over our war.  Think about out recent continuing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The USA won the WWII.  The USA nuked two cities.  I'm surprised we haven't used them again.  The devastation is quick, vast and enduring.  I have an aunt who was a child in Nagasaki.  She could not have children or decided not too due to the radiation dose she received.  War sucks.  War is death.  War is destruction.  And we all have very short memories, so what shall we bomb Iran?


Daily Show

If you are going to watch the Happy Hour Debate at 5pm and the Trumpaganza at 9pm, then you might want to set your DVR for tonight's Daily Show especially if you plan on getting hammered into blottoland during the GOP clown-offs.

Tonight is Stewart's last show.  I'm sad to see him leave and hope he does something new on TV.  I'd love to see him do a weekly 30 minute political re-cap show beginning with the Iowa Caucus in Jan.  Perhaps he  can cover the conventions for Comedy Central or MSNBC.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

What's in your hat?

For shits and giggles--Mormon church releases photo of treasured artifact in latest move for greater transparency.

If you are now a bit curious about Mr. Smith, read No Man Knows My History.

Women Place: Uneducated, Barefoot, Pregnant and in the Kitchen

No I'm not talking about the ideas of that great Mormon  prophet, seer, & revelator Ezra Taft Benson, no I'm referring to the GOP and their thoughts, attitudes and policy preferences about women's status, health and rights.

Who's the latest to champion the GOP's misogynistic universe?   How do you spell Bush?  Try J-E-B.

Jeb Bush’s ad-lib offers Dems another gift

Of course he didn't mean it, his ace staff will tell us he misspoke, got confused, or maybe for got to complete his thought.  Bullshit.  He spoke his version of truth, denying it is just one more lie.  Expect more?  Why?  He is a conservative.  He'd rather live, with his current station of course,  back when America was great, in 1815.  (I'm guessing about when the average Trog thinks America was a better place and on track.  Whom do they want to take what country back from  and restore to whom with what effect?)

Sever Security

In a prior life I administered a server or two.  They were part of our network.  I had to comply with the security admin and security staff's requests to insure the box was safe from outside and inside prying logical eyes.  I was not a security specialist.  We employed them.  Management usually tried to ignore them--computer security costs money.  Which brings me to Ms. Clinton and her e-mail server.

Oh, I also forget, everything was backed up.  I could play the system backwards, so to speak, for two years on a daily basis, then weekly, then monthly and then annually as tapes were recycled over five or more years.  The tapes were stored in very secure mountain caverns (really, it's not a joke).  Backup was part of security and mandated by admin.

Now back to Clinton's server.  I have wondered about security.  Did the system have any?  Was it ever hacked?  would anyone know it had been hacked?  Now it the server is gone, what about backup media?  Was the server backed up?  If not, why not?  Maybe the FBI should take a peek at what she and her hubby used in their continuing quest to satiate their Nixonesque paranoia of others.

Oh the FBI has started-- FBI looking into the security of Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail setup

Bets on an honest investigation?  If it is honest, bets on the findings seeing the light of day?  Will she be as big a champion (and thereby liar) on government transparency?

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Which really threatens the USA?

Okay is it ISIS or Al Qaeda?  Oh, hell I haven't done my partisan exercises yet, so, it's neither.  The worst threat to this nation is the Republican Party.  Come on, look at who's running.

That said, which is it?  We seem to be mixed.

ISIS or Al Qaeda? American Officials Split Over Top Terror Threat

Trophy Hunters Suck

Maybe this will put a dent in the trophy hunting biz.

Top US Air Carriers Ban Hunting 'Trophies' From Planes

It may, but there's always someone willing to transport anything.  The best thing is public shaming.  Put their pictures and bios on the web.   Then folks can mock, deride and shun them.  The dentist who killed Cecil  needs to have zero clients for his practice.  Let him enter a state of penury for his deeds.

Who will be at the Kiddie's table? Who will be at the adult table?

Todays' the day deadline for polls Roger Ailes will use to put candidates in their places. I'm not really sure which is the adult table.  The top 10 will air at 9pm eastern.  The rest will be on at 5pm.  Given that Trump will be in the 10, I think we have to call the main debate the Kiddie one.

Given that there will be two rounds of total bullshit, it gives us all two opportunities to get totally blotto.  After all, the GOP debates are aired so viewers have an excuse to over indulge on salted snacks and booze.

Pick a word for the 5pm follies.   Then pick another one for the Trumpest in a teapot at 9.  Every time one of the clowns says your magic word, you get to throw back a shot. If you pass out before 9, make sure you've set the DVR and have fun tomorrow.

Who will win the 5pm chatoff?  I opt for Blanch (that's Lindsey Graham).  If he doesn't win he'll have a case of the vapors and pass out.  At 10, I'll go with The Donald.  Enjoy!

Have you forgotten Bush Derangement Syndrome (it was fun).

Enjoy this piece--The GOP field’s calculated crazy talk

Blowhard Front: Trump

Americans, at least those who are self declared Trogs, must really love blowhards who "tell it like it is" at every given moment.  Trump is rising, 26%, amongst Repubs.   A few months back, 2/3s would never vote for the clown, now only a third would reject him.  He receives support from men and women about equally.  As odd as it sounds, don't count The Donald out.  He may become the nominee of the GOP.  That does tell us something about that crowd now doesn't it.

The Daily 202: Trump leads in polls because GOP primary voters don’t value electability

If this year or so is a electorate watershed, we could see a most odd election.  Imagine, The Donald bolts and runs as an Independent Republican.  Then Rand Paul goes WTF and runs as a Libertarian Republican,  and Jeb Bush accepts the mantle of the GOP.  Then on the Dems side, Clinton won't concede to Sanders.  Sanders runs as the Democratic nominee as Clinton revives the Democratic Republican standard as she runs for office.  Webb runs as a Whig and O'Malley well he becomes Joe Biden's Veep in the American Party.   Parties fragment and guess who picks up the pieces?  How do you spell Coke?  Uh, K-O-C-H.  Or, seeing the confusion and disarray that then threatens our nation, America's first Muslim, seizes power giving Obama his third term and declares martial law in Texas.  Damn, it's easy to get carried away.

At any rate, I'd expect oddness or a drab Clinton v. Bush.  Which do you prefer?

Sunday, August 2, 2015

3-D Printing

I know that 3-D printing is out there.  It's being used for lots of stuff, even food.  However, it has not quite taken over as the next big thing for consumers.  It finally struck me why it has not become the hot item.  Yep, no sex.  Come on, VCRs became huge via porn ditto for the Internet.  Think about it, tech that becomes quickly wide spread always has an aspect we don't talk that much about--sex.  I guess the market for home printed dildos must not be that huge.


Book To Read

I've run across a couple of reviews for Carl Safina's book "Beyond Words:..."  I have added it to my reading list.  You may want to add it to yours, here's a review--

Beyond Words: A New Book About What Animals Think and Feel

Good Column

Lonnae O'Neal ia a columlist for the Washington Post. I don't think I ever read many, if any, of her columns until I began to download the Wapo print edition on my Kindle every morning. Now I look for her byline, You won't go wrong reading her columns. Give today's column a read and you might start thinking about driving while (fill in the blank)_______. I wonder, had she not blurted out her occupation, would she could have been arrested or become one more statistic in our justice system?

 Lonnae O’Neal: I was pulled over last month. It didn’t go well.

Polls and Politics

What are folks looking for in a candidate? Does honesty and trustworthiness top your list? 63% of us don't think so.

Do you have to have someone who cares about your needs and problems? Gee, 64% don't think so.

Do you need someone with strong leadership qualities? Shit, 74% of us don't.

Look, all I did was report the balance of numbers otherwise typically broadcast about voters and candidates. (source is Quinnipiac University Poll--July 30, 2015.)

Golly,  this is over-reported on TV.  Both Trump and Clinton have honesty and caring problems. Uh, duh. If you ask all possible voters, then both Trump and Clinton have bad numbers but these traits only matter to a minority.  And that minority is probably comprised of those in the half that does not vote in general elections and/or from the three-quarters of possible voters who never vote in primaries.   Why does molehill and mountain come to mind?

58% of voters doubt Mr. Trump's veracity and for 57% it's ditto on Ms. Clinton.  I remind everyone, most of us don't vote so I'm not sure what the polls tell us at this point.

We should also note that amongst party voters, both do well on the honesty thing. 76% of Democrats think Hillary is a truth teller and 57% of Trogs feel the same about The Donald. Trump does have more Trogs who doubt his honesty, 32%, that does Clinton, where 19% of Dems doubt her truthiness. How can a person who has honesty and trust problems get elected? Easy, the traits aren't all that important since a Democrat wants a Jackass in office and a Republican wants a Trog.

Have we forgotten about voting patterns?  About 40% of us are Dems and votes for Dems.  40% of are knuckle-draggers and vote for Trogs.  That leaves 20% who are afraid to declare their affiliation but vote just at though they were card carrying party members.  40% of the independents consistently
vote for a Dem or a Repub.  The balance can't make up their minds and flip a coin on election day if they can decide whether or not to vote at all.  Elections are about one thing, first turnout of your voters and second, adding new voters, if you can.  

Prez Trump?

I wonder how the Italians see Trump?  I bet they are reminded of Silvio Berlusconi.  I wonder whom the Germans, French and British see when they see Trump?