Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Fox and Trump

Have you noticed that the Megan Kelly vs. The Donald has not been a story  on Fox?  I don't watch Fox so I've heard about this on CNN and read about it in the Post.  Why has this been the case?  Well, to put it briefly, audience share, ratings and possible compeition.  We cannot forget, publicly held TV companies are about profit, period.

Here's a longer version-- Why Donald Trump got the best of Fox News


Ferguson is back in the news.  Back Lives Matter activists disrupt a Bernie Sanders event.  At times one, a white person, can wonder what is the matter?  Has nothing changed since 1954?  Oh, maybe this simple piece will make one take pause and shake one's head with a modicum of sadness--

Black delivery driver replaced by manager after Lowe’s customer demands white employee

Gee, if the white person had said it was a matter of religious freedom, then would it have been okay?    Racism is racism no matter what the basis.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Weed Killer

I have a gravel drive.  I had it re-graveled last Summer, but now grass and weeds have begun to  grow into it.  I didn't want to use a weed killer such as Roundup.  That stuff is real toxic and should not be near any living thing, especially the living thing spraying it on the weeds.

I wasn't sure of what I was going to do, until I remembered seeing a home made weed killer in Consumers Reports magazine.  I mixed up 1/2 gal of white vinegar, 1/2 cup of Epsom Salts, and 2 tablespoons of Dawn dish detergent.   I sprayed ares of the drive yesterday.  If I could find where I sprayed, today, then I'll try more and see what happens.

I was outside a short while ago.   It had been about 24 hours, with light rain this morning.  I looked for evidence, dead/dying grass and weeds.  I found very brown weeds and grass so I assume the mix works.  I'll try more of the mix and hope the plants are really dead and not just set back to rebound in a month or so.

The vinegar is probably what is doing the killing, the Epsom salt and soap make a clinging binder for the vinegar so it can kill the plant instead of just drying off.  What would happen with just straight vinegar?

In the face of declining sales Coke makes a discovery

It's not how much sugar you eat that makes you a fat slob, it's your lack of exercise.  Drink Coke all day long and it won't lard you up provided you walk, jog, cycle or anything except sit still.  Hell, it must mean you can't even sleep!  You can consume all the Coke you want, if you exercise.  Geeez!

Coca-Cola Funds Scientists Who Shift Blame for Obesity Away From Bad Diets

Of course you could svelte up if you cut back on the calories as you exercised your tush off, but that does not increase sales of carbonated sugars.

In case you missed this back in 2010

Lies, Damned Lies, and Medical Science

Who makes money off of breakfast?

Similar to faulty government sponsored advice on cholesterol, salt, and blood pressure bad science has struck again.  This time it's the link between skipping breakfast and weight gain.  Is there a link?  Who knows.  The studies used to say so, were cheap crap science.  It's funny how shitty science winds up being so profitable for a variety of companies.  I never bought off on the linkage, did you?  Weight gain for most of us is simply due to eating more than we need.  Funny how we fight that idea.  Yeah, it's hard accept if you eat like a pig, you look like a pig.

Breakfast bullshit  

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Take a look

What Nagasaki looked like before and after the bomb

Anyone deploying a nuke today will be nuked in return.  Am I worried about Iran and the bomb?  No.  They would never use it unless they wanted the entire Middle East to become a giant glass lake.

It's hard to really empathize

Bernie was interrupted by Black Lives Matter activists.  From their perspective, he and his audience are but progressive white supremacists.  It's a shame they attack Mr. Sanders since his approach is the only one that ultimately has a chance to end the rank racial disparities of structural racism that persist in the nation.

The rich get rich, the rest get by or get worse.  Until equity in our economic order is realized there will be no change in other aspects of our society.  I have tried to understand what the activists say.  Not being black, it's difficult.  I cannot imagine what it's like to be performing simple acts in public and paying a unjustified consequence.   I have searched for some area I do understand that is akin.

I have found it, I think.  I have read a lot of English history.  Okay, what's it like to be black in the USA today?  Well imagine you are an average peasant back in the good old days of 1100 Wessex?  A learned and more or less accepted class structure dominated daily life.  The class system insured life went on without disruption.  Yep, walking while being a serf has a similar ring to today's racial perspective.  The aristocrats were human and mattered.  The rest of us folks were needed, but were tolerated and treated more as livestock than much else.

What happened to the serf and peasant life to change our lot and more or less end aristocratic rule?  Oh, I imagine it had a lot to do with the lords needing labor and cash were in short supply.  It's amazing what a plague here and an infectious outbreak there can to do class relations in any economy--in the end it comes down to the distribution of goods, services and incomes in a society when the workers and arsitocrats are dying off.   What will the boss give up to insure he remains the boss? That's probably the story of everyman's liberty and freedom  over three thousand years of Western history.

The gradual changes benefitting the lower classes, over time, accumulated and gave them sufficient power to wrest control of their society from the upper class.  I always enjoyed the 17th century when Charles I was beheaded.  Culture has a very long reach, so it's not a surprise that,  in England, today,  to find aristocratic class based attitudes, reflective of days long past, to persist and color how people interact.  Yeah, they still have a Queen and a House of Lords.  It does show up in British TV shows--we see their everyday class stereotypes on display.  I wonder what stereotypes they see in our TV dramas?  

Sunday Bobblehead Shows

Gee, the only thing they all talked about was The Donald.  Donald before the "debate".  Donald during the debate.  Donald after the debate.  Donald the GOP.  The GOP and The Donald.  Will he last or have we reached peak Donald.  No one interrupts The Donald much less cuts his mic. when he gives one more bio blab.    Oh, the pundits talked about the other candidates, but in the context of The Donald.  The Donald is less a creation of everyday politics and more that of FOX news and other TV network's quest for ratings in the newstainment business.

I watched the debate and listened to the BS today.  Other than Bernie Sanders, I'm hard pressed to name one decent candidate for Prez.  The rest, GOP and Dem smell of donor and special interests.  That's the smell of bullshit and as Mr. Stewart admonished us, I have spoken.